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14 Growth Hacks For Push Ads

14 Growth Hacks For Push Ads

As marketers, we are always looking for new ways and tricks to boost our campaign’s performance. Sometimes it ends up being just a stupid idea you heard in the forums but other times one small little trick can end up doubling your ROI. We created this list as a general list of proven hacks to help you boost your push ad performance. Without further ado.

1. Multiple creatives

Always! Always! Always! Use multiple ad creatives, we recommend at least 3-5. This allows you to first run A/B test which should be at the core of every marketing campaign. You can also use Pushground’s auto-optimization by creative to automatically send more traffic to your best-performing creatives. This will also help your campaigns last longer because your ads won’t be burnt out as fast.  You can use as many as 10 different creatives but unless you’re spending a lot, it will slow down the time it takes to find the best creatives.

Creative variations

2. Separate campaigns by device

Differentiate your campaigns based on device (desktop, mobile, tablet). Bids, CTR and performance can be very different. Then once they are separated, you can bid accordingly to optimize performance.  Keep in mind that sometimes different creatives work better depending on the device.


3. Use pre-landers

If you can try and use pre-landers for all your campaigns. They can make a huge difference in your results and can sometimes be the difference between a profitable campaign and an unprofitable campaign.

pre lander

4. Use Emoji’s

Emojis have been proven to increase your CTR so if you’re not using them, adding them could be a quick way to boost your results. According to Hubspot, on average emojis increased CTRs by 25%.

ad with emojis

5. Page load speed

Make sure your landing pages load fast! Google Released a study showing that 53% of mobile users leave a site if it takes longer and 3 seconds to load. This, of course, leads to huge drops in conversions.  You can check to see if your site loads quickly using sites like gtmetrix or google’s page speed insights. We also recommend avoiding shared hosting which can inhibit your actions to make your page quick as a click.

page load speed

6. Account manager

Make the most of our helpful account managers. Their sole job is to help you make money. In this industry, there are a lot of unresponsive account managers but at Pushground we will answer any questions no matter what you spend because we want your campaigns to succeed so you stick with us.

7. Headline emotional analyzers

Empower your writing with power words and high emotional value.  You can use sites like Coschedule, Sharethrough, and Grammarly to check the emotional value of your headlines. Then from there, you can A/B test them to find the best performers.  We also see large differences in performance from the same ads with just a different heading.

headline analyzer

8. High bid low budget

When testing new campaigns we see a lot of people start with lower bids but in doing that you allow the higher-quality traffic to slip away while you spend your whole budget on the traffic no one else wanted. We recommend that you bid high to make sure you get a better idea of the traffic quality of each feed. Try to strive for a win rate of at least 40% and you will see that you start seeing more conversions.

9. User freshness

For push campaigns, test new campaigns on a low user age then scale out to older audiences. We have found user age to be one of the most important conversion factors. If you haven’t noticed by now, you will normally see a large portion of your conversions coming from the user freshness groups from the first 7 days with the cheapest CPA. Pushground is the only ad network that allows you to target users within the first hour of signing up. This means you can make sure that your ad is the first ad they see.


10. Mobile carrier

For mobile campaigns, some carriers outperform others. Separate your campaigns based on carriers then cut out the underperforming carriers.

11. Daypart

Daypart your campaigns can be really beneficial.  Depending on your offer, you might be able to see significant differences in conversions rates during certain times. For example, if your dating offer normally converts better on the weekends and at night, then you should be trying to buy more traffic from these times. If you increase your bid during these times you can quickly increase your conversions and overall ROI. Find dayparting in the advanced targeting section.


12. Ad consistency

Make sure your ads are consistent (colors, styles, and information) and that your push ads match your landing page and pre-lander and offer.

13. Ad rotation

Rotate your ads! We know how annoying it can be to create new creatives each week for all your campaigns but if you stop you could be missing out on potential profits. The first reason of course is that new ads help you fight against ad fatigue and help get people to continue to click on your ads. Doing so also allows you to keep finding better performing creatives.

14. Headline macros

You can use the macro {city} and {deviceName} in headings and descriptions to create super personalize your ads.  You can do this to create headlines like “The hottest dating site in Los Angles” or “The must-have app for galaxy s10 users”. Doing this can lead to much higher CTRs and CRs.

To learn more about Push advertising, head to our complete guide to push ads.

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