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CPA Networks

Dear friends, 

We know that most of us (and, especially the newbies) often wonder which Affiliate Network is the best for starting. That is why today, we’ll give you honest reviews of some excellent Affiliate Networks. 


AdsEmpire is a reliable Affiliate Network with exclusive dating offers from direct advertisers. They provide a Smartlink solution with global worldwide coverage. 


  • Huge number of both mainstream and adult dating exclusive offers
  • Advanced Smartlink technology to monetize 100% of your traffic
  • CPL (SOI & DOI), PPS, and Rev-Share payout models 
  • Big market payouts and high EPC
  • An experienced team of affiliate managers with deep expertise in dating, media buying and affiliate marketing 
  • Weekly & Monthly payouts from $250
  • Worldwide availability - over 50 countries are supported, with a focus on Tier 1 and Europe 
  • You can choose the payment method that best suits your needs - Wire, Paypal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Paysera, Genome

Moreover, AdsEmpire often sponsors various meetups and conferences, as well as organises private parties for top partners, contests with cool prizes, promotions and payout boosts. 


They are not the best network for newbies. They’re only accepting affiliates with monthly volumes from $1000. 

Hottest SOI Mainstream offers - we suggest trying it with our Classic Push format:

Treffegirls BE web $3.5 / mob $3

Soifdetoi FR web $3.5 / mob $3

Together2night NZ web $4.5 / mob $4

Buscarollos ES web $2.5 / mob $2.5 JP web $5 / mob $5

Soloavventure IT web $2.75 / mob $2.5

Gibsmir AT web $5 / mob $4.5


Zeydoo is the CPA Network for the new generation, and collects only the best converting offers from all over the world. The offer’s feed is full of exclusivities that other companies don’t have, like innovative Smart Surveys. 

Their stronger verticals are smart surveys, finance, sweepstakes, Mobile Apps (VPN utilities), Forex and Binary. 

Hottest offers you can test: 

5144 DE - MediaMarkt 1000 + iPhone 13 Pro Max 



TRAFFIC: Classic Push & In-Page Push - Adult and Mainstream

NOT Allowed: Strictly no SMS/MMS/Whatsapp/Viral, Co-Registration, Exit traffic, Smartlinks, E-Mail Marketing, Content locking, iFrame, Geo redirects, Offer walls, Rebrokering, Misleading, Fraud, Bot

5644 DE - Win Rewe Vouchers 



TRAFFIC: Classic Push & In-Page Push - Adult and Mainstream

NOT Allowed: Strictly no SMS/MMS/Whatsapp/Viral, Co-Registration, Exit traffic, Smartlinks, E-Mail Marketing, Content locking, iFrame, Geo redirects, Offer walls, Rebrokering, Misleading, Fraud, Bot

5419 IT - Dyson Vacuum Cleaner - SOI 


PAYOUTS: $1.24

TRAFFIC: Classic Push & In-Page Push - Adult and Mainstream

NOT Allowed: Strictly no SMS/MMS/Whatsapp/Viral, Co-Registration, Exit traffic, Smartlinks, E-Mail Marketing, Content locking, iFrame, Geo redirects, Offer walls, Rebrokering, Misleading, Fraud, Bot

5489 IT - RyanAir 



TRAFFIC: Classic Push & In-Page Push - Adult and Mainstream

NOT Allowed: adult, fraud, bot, misleading, co-registration.


Leadbit is an international multi-vertical CPA agency. Founded in 2014, Leadbit has been around for a decent number of years now, and as a result, they created a solid brand that assists affiliates in making a real profit. 

LeadBit has multiple offers in Nutra, Gambling, and Dating verticals. Their affiliate managers have experience with each vertical and are ready to share all of it with their affiliates. 

They deal directly with top advertisers and provide exclusive rates and conditions to all affiliate marketers worldwide. Their affiliates are always guaranteed to receive only fresh, internally tested, and high-performing offers. 

Plus, all their affiliates have access to a wide range of tools: promo translations, TDS, domain parking, and much more. There is also a LeadBit STORE where marketers can get valuable prizes for points.


  • Comprehensive tracking and analytics platform
  • Weekly payments
  • Tons of offers, including high-selling offers
  • Dedicated account managers that know what they are doing
  • Support available 24/7
  • Assets to run successful ad campaigns
  • Exclusive reports that contain trends and market overviews
  • Multiple tools used within LeadBit include a traffic delivery system, banner rotator, Global PostBack, API, and other useful tools.

If you are looking for a transparent CPA agency with an intuitive user interface, a great reporting system, and a solid reputation, LeadBit is an excellent choice.

Golden Goose

Golden Goose is a performance-based marketing platform for all participants in the global mVAS market. They have specialised in mobile content offers for over 16 years. For more than 5 years Golden Goose has been developing the DCB HUB concept, uniting 300+ operators and 10000+ mVAS market publishers from all over the world on its platform and providing cross-border connections between all its participants.

Strongest GEOs

 EG, ZA, MY, PT, UAE, KSA, PL, KE, FR, BE, GH, CH, OM, and KW, it is possible to use the SmartLink for promotion. 

Main perk

Golden Goose provides affiliates with daily payment terms and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $20.

We are recommending testing their new LATAM offers - a lot of adult and mainstream offers are awaiting you. 

And something curious about Golden Goose - they will release the first affiliate comic named “the Golden Goose - the first affiliate avenger. The hero will fight with shave machines, travel around the mVAS multiverse, and do everything to protect affiliate marketers from low conversions and payouts!


Let’s talk about MyLead. This affiliate network started as a small local company in 2014 and grew up becoming a global network with over 470,000 publishers on board. The platform offers over 3,000 affiliate campaigns dedicated to more than 160 countries, and it seems it’s a nice one to try out when you want to start your affiliate journey. But is it? Let’s check on its pros and cons.


  • 5 settlement models (CPA, PPI, CPL, COD, CPS)
  • Over 3000 campaigns in 20 different categories to choose from (the most numerous category on MyLead is For Adult (over 1238 offers))
  • Exclusive and in-house offers  e.g., comparison engines with original MyLead landing pages available
  • Many offers available only for certain GEOs


  • It takes less than a few minutes
  • Free of charge
  • No need to wait for activating the account (it is ready to use after signing in)
  • The network offers a free trial course after registration

Monetizing tools

  • Content Lockers (CPA Locker, Captcha Locker, File Locker, and Mobile Rewards) - a system that allows you to block access to specific content on a given page, e.g. to the rest of the article.
  • HideLink - a system that supports the promotion process on social media by redirecting the bots to a “safe page” and showing the real user a “money page”
  • Advertising banners
  • Smartlinks
  • Deeplinks
  • A/ B tests
  • Postback or API that allows you to create extensive solutions
  • Paid Surveys
  • Not all affiliate programs allow you to use every available tool (e.g., banners or deep links are not available in each offer, but you can use filters while searching for an affiliate program)

Additional resources from MyLead

  • Industry blog with regular publications
  • YouTube channel in 5 languages (Polish, English, Russian, Spanish, and Bulgarian) with tutorials and short video content
  • Multilingual support
  • Free mentorship program (available in Polish, English, Russian, and Bulgarian)
  • Seasonal e-books on the most effective ways to earn money online.
  • Active social media accounts, such as Instagram or LinkedIn with educational and motivational content
  • Extra money boosts like bonuses that increase lead rates
  • Video tutorials and mentorship available only in certain languages


  • The minimum payout amount is $20, which is one of the lowest thresholds in the industry
  • Payment options include bank transfers and many e-wallets, like Capitalist, QIWI, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, WebMoney 
  • Possibility to withdraw money in Bitcoin
  • Except for the first payment, payouts are usually completed within 48 hours
  • Longer time needed for the first payout
  • The minimum payout amount for Bitcoin is $200

MyLead offers many categories of affiliate programs, which is a great opportunity for beginners and allows more advanced users to try different niches. The thing is, sometimes it could be harder to choose the only program for your needs. That’s where support and mentors come in handy. As they speak many languages, it is convenient to ask them for help when needed.

The registration process seems to be very easy, and as the network says, it is open to any (both beginning and more advanced) users.

Starting from more casual ones like smart links or deeplinks, to more unique ones, such as HideLink, you can choose a variety of tools that will make your affiliate journey much easier. Unfortunately, not all of them are dedicated to each offer, but it’s still worth mentioning that the network constantly works on new solutions. The most recent ones are surveys that you fill out for money.

One of the most important elements of choosing the affiliate network is offering payment possibilities. MyLead works well to make this process as simple as possible, and the minimum payout amount is also quite low.

Summing up, MyLead is worth trying, and as with every network, it has its pros and cons. But as you may tell, there are more advantages, which makes this platform a great competitor for more-known brands. 

Friends, try any of these networks, and you will not make a mistake. 

See you next time!

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