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How to Build a Landing Page

How to Build a Landing Page

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If you liked our last article on how to spy on your competitors, you’ll like this one too - in today’s post, we’re going to show you some useful tools for building a landing page. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate, a media buyer, or you’re just interested and curious about it - keep reading because you will want to know! 

Let’s start by saying that there is already an article showing how to create high converting landing pages - this time, we’ll give you more advice about lander page builders and where to host the created pages. 


The very first tool we want to show you is LanderBolt. This one is a very convenient landing page tool that you can use to create or edit landing pages, host them and protect them with SSL certificates. Their creators promise a lightning page loading and 99.99% uptime. 

Another useful functionality is the built-in page importer - a tool that will help you grab your competitors landing pages, fastly edit and deploy them on their hosting. 

It also contains templates, which you can directly use or, again, edit according to your needs. 

For editing, you can use their visual page editor, which has a similar structure as Wordpress - it’s fast and intuitive. Please note that it’s not possible to create landing pages from scratch. 

LanderBolt Pro cost $67/month, and those are the features included in this plan: 

We recommend LanderBolt Pro for newbies or marketers without the skills and time for setting up their VPS.  


PureLander is a good landing page editor created for media buyers and affiliates. 

  1. Multiple templates proven to work. They have landing pages for every type of push ads vertical - sweepstakes, dating, app instals, antivirus, casino & gambling, health & beauty, etc. 
  1. Import landing page functionality that allows live editing on your landing pages - a very useful tool if you don’t have coding experience. Try it with already downloaded landing pages that you have on your drive. Remember that the landing page should be zipped before uploading it.

  1. Our favourite PureLander feature might be the Landing Ripper - it allows you to download your desired landing pages when doing manual spy, as well as to clean and design it, so you can use it afterwards. It’s definitely a must-use feature for those who are newbies or for those building their landing page vault.

  1. They have free tutorials - an interesting and very cool bonus are their Youtube channel videos that every PureLander user can watch to improve their media buying and affiliate skills. 

  1. Their price is also a bonus - $25 for a 6 month subscription makes PureLander the best choice for all of those who want to make tests or have low budgets. 

Free landing page solutions - you should also be aware that there are free solutions for building landing pages, such as Mobirise, Wix, Elementor, etc. 

It’s not the option we would initially recommend - they are not completely free. In the case you need to use their premium features and full potential, you’ll have to pay for them. Also, their templates are not optimised for performance marketing purposes and, in some cases, they are not as fast as they should be or just not aggressive enough to catch the attention of the visitor. 

Hosting Services

A common question we usually get from media buyers is where to host their landing pages - here’s some free and paid services we suggest: 

  1. (free) GitHub - you can store your landing pages completely free on GitHub.Connecting a custom domain can get a little tricky, but it’s not impossible. You also need to take into consideration that GitHub works only for static landing pages, which means any PHP code on your landing page is not going to work. 
  2. (free) AWS, or Amazon Web Services S3 Storage - you can start with AWS for free. There’s a lot of affiliate marketers using AWS to store their landing pages for free or for a very low price a month. 
  3. (paid) Digital Ocean, Vultr, and other VPS providers - for only $18 / month you will get an account  in Digital Ocean , with a fast VPS and NVMe SSD that is capable of handling at least 150.000 monthly clicks.
  4. Your own tracker - another good idea is to host the landing pages directly on the tracker - this is going to save you some money and redirects. This is an example of landing page hosting in Keitaro. 

Still hesitating? 

We suggest you start with  PureLander in the beginning - it contains all the landing pages that you’ll need to start. Just do not forget to place nice pictures that matches your offer, as well as split testing at least a couple of angles (2 landing pages/vertical). 

Pro-tip: before using any images on the landing pages, compress them with the free TinyPng web tool - after compressing the images, the landing page will load faster, which will improve your conversion rate.

Regarding the landing page hosting - in our opinion, the best option is to use your tracker hosting. 

Pro-tip: it’s always better to have a host close to the offer’s GEO - for example, if you run campaigns in Europe, set up your tracker’s server in an European country, in case it’s self hosted.  

That was all for today!

By testing some landing pages and playing with angles and creatives, you will for sure find your winner sooner or later! 

See you soon!

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