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Affiliate Marketing must-read Books!

Affiliate Marketing must-read Books!

Affiliate Marketing must-read Books! 

Hi dear friends! 

Before starting, let me wish you a happy new year 2022! Let’s hope this year will be even better than the previous one, with lots of health & sky-high profits! 

Today we have one very interesting piece of material for you - we’ll talk about books related to copywriting, marketing, sales and affiliate marketing. I can assure you that after reading the books and applying some new learnt knowledge, you’ll be able to boost your profits with affiliate marketing. 

Enough talking! Let’s start with the books 📚

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing 

This one is a perfect book for beginners. The title itself says everything - this book explains all basics and important topics of affiliate marketing, written by Charles Ngo, one of the top affiliate marketers in the world.
If you’re a newbie in this amazing world of affiliate marketing & media buying, this is a must read for you in order to get familiar with the basics. 

You can download the free  ebook here


A lot of top media buyers consider Ca$hadvertising by Drew Eric Whitman as the “Holy Bible” of affiliate marketing. The book is awesome - read it, and I’m sure you'll find useful advice that will increase your ROI. 

Pay attention to Life Force 8, which really covers the behaviors of all people! Life Force 8 is something that you can use to create your angles. Try it, and you’ll never face the “angles problem” again. 

The Boron Letters

Another must-have book! Written by one of the top all-time copywriters, Gary Halbert, this book is a collection of letters from a father to his son. In these letters, halbert teaches his 16-year old the importance of “road-work”, a strong work ethic and the inside secrets of great advertising. 

There’s a lot of precious advice in these father-to-son letters, and the fatherly conversational tone makes them all more delightful. We especially loved some ideas on how to grab and hold attention in direct mailers.

Do you remember the storytelling blog post? Read this book, and you will understand completely how to tell stories to your visitors. Highly recommended book!

Tested Advertising Methods:

This book, which was written in 1932, is still current and there’s still a lot to learn from it. John Caples is one of the pioneers of effective copywriting, and this book is an absolute treasure for any copywriter! If you read it, mentally translate some actions to actual ones and you might not need to do much more to bring it up to date. 

Let me summarize a part of the book for you. "Caples' Three-Step Approach to Testing:

1. Accept nothing as true about what works best in advertising until it has been objectively - What Caples called "scientifically" - tested. 

2. Build upon everything you learn from testing to create an ever-stronger system that you return to with each new project. 

3. Treat every ad as an ongoing test of what has been learned before. When something new works better - or something old stops working - be ready to admit you were wrong about what you thought you "knew." But don't just accept it. Find out why and apply it the next time."

As you see nothing changes through time, it just adapts to the new reality and trends - buy, read and learn from this great copywriter.

Google Compliance Secrets

Whether you’re new or veteran to internet marketing, this book will teach you everything you need to know about remaining compliant with Google policies. You will learn a tremendous amount of useful information that will save you a great deal of time and money. It’s a must-read for all affiliate marketers! 

Furthermore, Dathen is an expert on the topic. It’s easy to notice as soon as you start reading the book, from the very first chapter. From start to finish, he seriously shares every single "secret" and tidbit of knowledge on the topic! He breaks the information down into bite-size and actionable pieces, starting it all off with a fantastic quiz to "drop the pin" so they speak on where you are currently. 

Our team recommends this book not only to media buyers but also to the SEO experts.

Traffic Secrets

A book written by the creator of ClickFunnels, so we guess he knows things about how to build funnels and make money with them. It’s focused on traffic generation and we think every affiliate marketer can find hidden gems in this book. 

If you are curious, read his previous books: Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

The way of the wolf

I’m sure that every single one of you has heard about the “Wolf of Wall Street”  by Jordan Belfort. He says - every sale is the same. In this book, he’s showing you how to apply his famous “Straight Line Selling” strategy: 

“With the Straight Line, you need to gather intelligence - and I mean massive intelligence - which goes far beyond trying to figure out whether a prospect is qualified. Read the book and you’ll see its scheme it’s easily adaptable to affiliate marketing and e-commerce sales. 

The Advertising Effect

Adam Ferrier’s style of defining what consumer behavior is and then moving on to explain the action spurs to influence them is fascinating for anyone to understand how big companies drive their sales through effective marketing. 

The best thing about “Advertising Effect” is that it takes a unique psychological approach of applying advertising techniques to the consumer’s behavior. Although advertising is always about it, this book talks about how behavior is changed by applying neurological science.

Ferrier explains ten different techniques, each one of them grounded in human psychology theories, which can be applied to change the behavior towards a product’s consumption. For instance, as the author explained, pairing a beer with a good-looking girl in a beer ad. 

He explained these strategies as the utility strategy, modeling, reframing, evocation, ownership, collectivism, play strategy, skill-up strategy, eliminate-complexity strategy, and the commitment strategy.

Breakthrough Advertising

The book was written several decades ago, and it talks about the state of advertisement at that time. However, the important topics are still relevant today. It includes a great summary of all the hooks and explanations of the methods to make someone read an ad. 

If you are in the ad business it will help you improve your copywriting and if you are on the consumer side you will understand the hooks that are being used on you on a daily basis.

That was all for today. See you next week! 

Until then, find some time to purchase/download some of these books presented today and learn something new! 🤓

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