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Pushground+  is the exclusive form of our classic push traffic. It comes exclusively from top-quality websites with premium qualified users, which makes it highly converting.

In order to provide the highest quality, Pushground+ has its peculiarities

Campaigns must meet Creativity standards: Both the images and text must omit sensitive content such as sexual or aggressive content.

They also have to meet the general Creativity rules.

The moderation policy is more strict, including the Landing Page verification.

The recommended bids are higher, which requires a slightly higher budget.

How to create a Pushground+ campaign

1. Create a Campaign
The campaign creation process is practically the same for Pushground+ as it is for Classic Push.

2. Select Classic Push format
You simply must tick the Pushground+ box that is displayed in the format selection.

3. Activate the Pushground+ Box
You’ll notice that Pushground+ is only available for classic push campaigns, so it doesn’t exist for in-page push campaigns. Also mainstream is the only traffic type allowed in Pushground+, since adult content is not allowed.

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Classic Push VS Pushground+

Better performance

Higher quality sources

Higher content view

More clicks

The main difference between using Classic Push and Pushground+ is performance.

While classic push has average performance, Pushground+ provides well above average performance, since the traffic comes from high-quality sources.

Pushground+ campaigns have a much higher content view than the others, which translates into less click loss.

See what our clients are saying

Pushground+ campaigns are converting nicely for my CPA offers, cheers to the Pushground team! Looking forward to have more volumes for this type of traffic

Trutech Minds

Regular Pushground user

What I love about Pushground is their instant campaign approval process. It saves time & enables me to test things faster! I also like the option to bid per source. Their platform is simple and fast!

Anonymus client

See what our clients are saying

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