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Betting affiliate networks

Betting affiliate networks

Betting affiliate networks


Dear friends.

Today we will discuss the favorite vertical of many of you – the betting vertical and the best betting networks.

Why do affiliates work with betting affiliate networks?

Many seasoned professionals in the world of online betting, attest that this is a highly competitive and profitable industry. 

This market encompasses online sports betting and casino games, where players can place wagers on various events.

For those looking to monetize their websites or social media accounts related to this field, partnering with affiliate networks can be incredibly beneficial. These networks serve as intermediaries between publishers and a range of betting operators, providing access to multiple brands eager to attract new customers.

One significant advantage of working with these networks is the diversity of betting brands available.  By working with multiple operators, publishers can promote various brands to their audience, which can help them reach a wider audience and increase their earnings potential. Another benefit is the potential for higher commission rates. Affiliate networks can negotiate better commission rates with betting operators on behalf of publishers, leading to greater profits for the publisher.

Publishers also gain access to advanced tracking and reporting tools, which help them monitor their referrals and optimize their campaigns for maximum profitability.  Armed with this information, publishers can refine their marketing strategies and boost their revenue.In addition, affiliate networks offer dedicated support to publishers, providing advice on campaign optimization, technical troubleshooting, and other guidance. 

This support is particularly valuable for those new to the industry or unfamiliar with the best practices.

Overall, the online betting industry offers publishers a wealth of opportunities to monetize their betting traffic.

Below, we present some of the most famous betting affiliate networks:

  1. 1win Partners Affiliate program

1win Partners is a prominent brand in the betting and gambling industry that offers affiliates all the necessary tools to run successful campaigns. 

Here are some of the advantages of partnering with 1win:

  • Individual CPA rates for every affiliate.
  • Lifetime RevShare of 50% of the profits generated by the players referred by affiliates.
  • Up to $200 for each player attracted through CPA campaigns.
  • Editorial articles on driving traffic from different GEOs, working with various traffic sources, and more.
  • Expert in-house media buying team and support with launching campaigns and resolving program-related issues.
  • Free apps for affiliates.
  • High up-sale rate: 70% of betting shop players switch to online casinos and begin to generate revenue for affiliates.
  • No negative carryover for trusted affiliates using the RevShare model.
  • Access to ready-made promotional materials.
  • Real-time statistics tracking.

To get started with 1win Partners, visit their affiliate program website and complete the registration form. 

You will need to provide your name or nickname, email address, contact number, preferred contact method, and messenger account. 

Additionally, you will need to specify your traffic source and model of cooperation (CPA or RevShare).

  1. Igamingcombo (iGC) is a CPA network designed to help webmasters monetize their betting and casino traffic. 

Built on the foundation of AdCombo, iGC benefits from the team's experience and expertise in the field. 

The platform includes all the features and advantages of AdCombo, with a particular focus on the iGaming vertical. 

iGC offers direct advertiser offers in the Gambling, Betting, Fantasy Sports, and Poker niches, and has been working in this direction for more than a year.

iGamingCombo's advantages include: 

  • selection of over 400 direct offers;
  • translation service tailored to affiliates' needs;
  • an experienced affiliate team, 
  • a wide range of bonuses, suggested applications, and elaborated funnels from the iGC team; 
  • PWA applications for partners; 
  • an intuitive platform; 
  • and stable payouts. 

With iGamingCombo, you will enjoy access to AdCombo's high-quality direct offers and extensive experience in traffic monetization.

Registration is easy and requires only a few details, as well as a brief description of your experience in arbitration.

 If you are already registered with AdCombo, you can use your existing account to log in to iGamingCombo.

iGamingCombo's account dashboard includes news, loyalty information, campaign management tools, offer listings, statistics, postbacks, domain parking information, translations, ticketing support, login history, payouts, and bonus services. 

iGamingCombo provides over 400 direct offers in 70+ GEOs, with new offers added every two weeks.

If you require any further assistance, you can contact your manager, and they will promptly and competently answer them. 

iGamingCombo also offers translation services for landing pages and creatives.

  1. GG Affiliates

GG Affiliates is an affiliate program that specializes in betting, casinos, and esports. 

As a direct advertiser for GG.Bet, they've been in the business for over 5 years.

They offer CPA casino rates of up to €350 and RevShare of up to 55%. 

For betting, CPA is up to €200 and RevShare is up to 60%. 

These conditions are flexible and depend on the quality of traffic and GEO, so it's best to discuss them with support.

One of the benefits of GG Affiliates is that they cover 4 continents and offer interesting countries, such as Switzerland and Portugal. 

They also have a platform, which allows you to drive traffic with or without a tracker through S2S postback integration. 

All the necessary information is available in your account and is updated in real-time.

To get started with GG Affiliates, you'll need to go through a two-step registration process. 

First, you need to provide basic information like your name, email, password, vertical, and preferred communication method. 

Then, you'll be asked to specify the type of traffic and specialization. 

When you submit your account for moderation, a support specialist will reach out to you to request statistics. 

The verification process usually takes up to 24 hours.

You'll be assigned a manager with whom you can discuss the details of further cooperation once your account is verified. 

They'll also help with launching CPA, though you can launch RevShare on your own.

GG Affiliates offers three main offers to promote – sports, casinos, and esports – with ready-made funnels.

 You can choose to send traffic on a direct link or through a landing page. 

The 40% RevShare program is available by default when you click on the “Direct Link” or “Landing” section.

  1. Mostbet partners

Mostbet Partners is the official affiliate program for the online casino and betting company, Mostbet, which has been operating since 2016. 

During this time, over 15,000,000 players from around the world have been brought to Mostbet by several thousand partners. 

Mostbet offers online casino games, as well as sports and eSports betting, and uses CPA and RevShare models for more than 50 GEOs.

To register with Mostbet Partners, simply fill out the form and confirm your data. 

Once registered, you can access a dashboard, statistics, referral links, promotional materials, and billing.

Mostbet offers CPA models (for confirmed FTD) and RevShare, with payouts up to $75 for CPA and 60% for RevShare. 

They also have a loyalty program designed to attract and retain new users, with internal currency known as coins that can be exchanged for real money. 

Webmasters benefit from this program, as the more a user spends, the more the webmaster earns.

Promotional materials, including banners and pre-landers, are available in different languages and can be used immediately. 

The Mostbet team has developed effective approaches to attract and convert players through promotions, bonuses, and tournaments.

Mostbet accepts almost any traffic except for fraud, motivated traffic from creatives with politicians, officials, celebrities, bloggers, and religious figures. 

Personal conditions for CPA are often offered, with the requirement that the user must make a baseline within 28 days of registration. 

Traffic quality analysis takes 3–4 days, with personal conditions available based on user activity. Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and India GEOs currently offer particularly favorable conditions.

  1. Pin-Up Partners

PIN-UP Partners is an affiliate program that specializes in the gambling and betting verticals and has received positive feedback from its affiliates. 

The network has been operating since 2016 and is actively developing in CIS countries, Asia, and South America. 

The company is a direct advertiser with its offers, PIN-UP Casino and PIN-UP Bet.

One of the key advantages of working with PIN-UP Partners is the availability of more than 10 converting GEOs with excellent localization and a full pool of payments and marketing retention tools. 

The offers are fully localized in 10 languages, including Spanish, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Kazakh, and Hindi. 

The pre-landers, promos, and creatives are tested before launch and checked by native speakers. 

PIN-UP Partners also offers statistics, registration of players by phone or email, and its call center and support with offices in 6 countries of the world.

Working with PIN-UP Partners offers many benefits, including experienced account managers, well-developed bonus programs for players, and a loyalty program for webmasters. 

The company also offers free iOS/Android apps for partners and the possibility of early payments. 

The RevShare formula is transparent without any hidden or dynamic Admin/Providers fee, and there are low minimums for the first deposit. 

To start working with PIN-UP Partners, you need to register by providing your name, email address, phone number, and messenger.

 Thereafter, a manager will get in touch to ask a few questions and confirm the account. The account is approved within 20–30 minutes, and offers can be connected in agreement with the account manager.

Payouts range from $20 to $80 per deposit, and the average stakes vary depending on the GEO.

Overall, PIN-UP Partners provides comfortable and transparent cooperation conditions for each affiliate, regardless of their traffic volumes. 

With its many benefits and advantages, it's easy to see why PIN-UP Partners is a top choice for affiliates in the gambling and betting verticals.

The discussed affiliate programs for online casinos and sports betting platforms offer attractive benefits and opportunities for affiliates to earn a substantial income. 

Each network has its unique features and advantages, such as revenue share models, CPA, and hybrid deals, as well as specialized tools and resources to help affiliates and media buyers maximize their earnings. 

These programs also provide excellent customer support, localized offerings, and reliable payment systems.

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