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All for Betting offers during FIFA World Cup 2022

All for Betting offers during FIFA World Cup 2022

Tips for Betting offers during FIFA World Cup 2022


Dear friends.

This week's article is dedicated to the World Cup

Whether you call it soccer or football, whether you are a fan of the game or the rules of the game are foreign to you, whether your country will be a participant in the World Cup or not, we must admit that this event is one of the most anticipated ones this year.

As affiliates, FIFA World Cup 2022 is another reason to rejoice – the right time to make money with betting campaigns.

Using proven traffic sources to promote the FIFA World Cup is an excellent idea, as they convert well with other events like the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, Copa América, or the Africa Cup of Nations. Don’t forget to target the audience you know will convert. You need to focus on the best options in terms of traffic when it comes to the World Cup.

Our tips on how to run betting campaigns with push paid ads:

Famous players attract a massive audience. To get the hottest audience ever, you can create and change exclusive creatives before the semifinals and finals. 

However, there is a subtlety here – remember that when it comes to such a big forum, world-famous players are not loved by everyone, especially by opposing teams with whom they have old feuds. 

For example – English fans dislike the Argentina national team – so it is not advisable to use Messi images if you are launching a campaign in England.

Another example is the feud between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The two countries have terrible diplomatic relations, so don't use the same pictures of football players for both countries. This will hurt your advertising campaign, and you will probably lose money.

Tell your visitors they are more intelligent than the other betting players.  This is the best way to attract football fans and convince them that they know everything about the game and can make accurate predictions that will make them money. Phrases like “Only you know”, “You will win” or “Your predictions are correct” and similar can enhance the fan's self-esteem while inspiring them to bet.

Aim your content towards the right audience – here's what a typical betting player looks like: A middle-aged man with a stable average income. One finding remains consistent: there are not very many women among betting fans. The push ad campaign should be focused on middle-aged men.

Use emotions in your push ads. Football is an emotional game, not only for the fans in the stands but also for the millions watching on TV. Use emotions that you capture from beautiful girls in the stadium, interesting fans, and happy players. Anything that evokes positive emotions in your users is desirable to use. Correctly used, emotions will make consumers want to be a part of the FIFA World Cup 2022 event and, therefore, they will probably bet more. This will mean more profit for you.

Remember that all people want to win. Use this when building your campaigns and tell your visitors that they can earn money betting on their favorite teams.

All bettors play for more than just emotions; they also play for money. To highlight the bonuses for the first deposits and registration, you should show the attributes of rich people and winners.

Let users know they have a limited amount of time to place a bet and can get the bonuses before the match starts and win before the time is up. Nobody wants to miss out on the bonuses, so they will want to make a deposit. 

🎨 Use different creatives for every new match. This is important because for each football match the odds are different, there may be different bonuses, and in this way, you will avoid banner blindness.

What type of traffic do we recommend? 

1. Premium traffic from Pushground - we are sure you are already familiar with it, but just in case we will give you some advice on how to create and run better betting campaigns:

  • It is not allowed to use any official brand logo or brand reference (do not use the official FIFA World Cup 2022 logo)
  • You can't put images that are easy to guess which is the brand, even if you change the colors.
  • It is against our rules to create campaigns with a statement that implies that the offers are provided on behalf of the brand.

2. Push traffic – for more volumes on your profitable campaigns, use also the ordinary push traffic. It is cheaper than our Premium traffic, that’s why we recommend creating separate campaigns for each type. 

Advice from our experienced team on how to run football betting offers: 

1. Tests are significant, so it's best to start as soon as you can – the approaches to promotion and the offers used in betting are significantly different from those used in other verticals. Event betting campaigns have a limited amount of time and need to get a lot of volume in that time. 

2. The paid ad campaigns should start at least 3-4 days before the event you want to promote. We have publishers who start their campaigns 10-12 days in advance and get pleasant results. This will ensure that you reach an audience that has already been warmed up by news and social media posts.

3. When bidding for traffic, it is critical to set your bids high to win the best traffic. Because betting campaigns have a short time frame and there is a lot of competition, you will need to have the highest CPC price you can afford. The thing is that you have to collect a lot of data to start optimization as early as possible.

4. Don't be afraid to exceed the frequency cap. For betting ad campaigns, it's better to set a few clicks (not more than 4) per 24 hours per person to increase volumes and get your message to the user.

5. Make a separate campaign for new subscribers.  New subscribers are people who have subscribed to push notifications in the last maximum 7 days. Most probably they still haven’t seen such ads yet and will be more curious to them. 

6. Ask your account manager about white lists. This is the best option for you to make your betting campaign profitable fast. This traffic has already been tested and has the highest CR when compared to other sources. As event betting campaigns are really short, you don’t have time for a lot of optimization and need to receive the highest quality traffic, so using white lists is mandatory. 

Now you have the knowledge of how to make money on betting offers, especially on the FIFA World Cup that is going on right now. You just choose an offer, start a campaign, and make a profit!

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