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Make Some Extra Cash From Your Campaigns

Make Some Extra Cash From Your Campaigns

Looking to make some extra cash with your Pushground campaigns. Now you can by writing case studies of your most profitable campaigns. We at Pushground are ready to pay top dollar for some good interesting case studies. If you have extra time, why not increase your revenue by a couple of hundred dollars.

We are offering $200 or more in Pushground credit for any case study that meets the following criteria. We will value the case study more if it shows actionable insights valuable to our reads and if the campaign stats are more striking and impressive. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of case studies you can offer allowing you to generate much more profit on your Pushground campaigns. Now let’s go over how to do it.

Campaign qualifications

The first question you need to ask is does my campaign qualify to be in a case study. We have five campaign requirements for every case study.

  1. First that the total campaign budget is more than $300. As long as you have spent more than $300 over the history of the campaign, you are good to go.
  2. You must reach a net profit of $150 with an ROI of 25% or more.
  3. You must have an ROI of 25% or more at the end of the campaign.
  4. Your campaign must not be more than 4 months old.
  5. Lastly, your campaign must be considered mainstream meaning no adult content as well as complying with all of our campaign restrictions.

Writing the case study

Once you have made sure your campaign qualifies, you need to write the case study. Obviously a better more compelling case study will yield greater compensation, but all case studies must contain a basic level of detail to qualify. When writing your case study you must include the following:

  • A full description of the offer.
  • You must provide images of the creatives, landing pages, and pre-landers used in the campaign.
  • You should also include images or screenshots of the campaign stats. (From both Pushgound and the CPA network)
  • A detailed description of the campaign settings and targeting is necessary.
  • Most importantly, it must include a storytelling of the campaign’s progression and the optimization process.

Please note that we only accept original text meaning you can submit anything that has already been published.

How to get the money

Once your case study is finished you can email it to with the subject “Case study” to get the money. Please feel free to reach out beforehand if you have any questions or concerns.

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