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Dating Ad strategies + AdsEmpire exclusive bonus 

Dating Ad strategies + AdsEmpire exclusive bonus 

Dating Ad strategies + AdsEmpire exclusive bonus 

Hi there marketers! 

We’re back this week with fresh insights for creating your dating ads! 💋

As you already know, the dating vertical is one of the most popular in the CPA marketing industry. It’s especially popular in some countries that we’ll be mentioning in this article. 

Dating offers are never outdated because affection is and will always be a basic need - we are social animals, everyone needs a friend, a soulmate or a lover!

The dating services market size was valued at $7 billion in 2020 and it’s expected to grow to $10 billion by 2026. This segment has been growing dramatically during the past years and it’s expected to continue doing it - good niche, right? 

Most probably scenario, you can’t reach Tinder - but you can still make good money! 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, etc hugely increased their traffic and revenue, which means that there’s more chances to make profit with dating offers now. 

If you have minimal experience in the affiliate marketing world, I’m sure that you already know these so-called dating offers - there are two main types, the dating mainstream and the dating adult offers

Usually, the only and main difference between them is how and where you promote them. 

- Adult offers must be placed in adult traffic and their creatives and landing pages are usually more aggressive. Adult traffic usually accepts sites such as porn websites and other adult-related websites. 

- Mainstream offers must be strictly reviewed, as you’ll be promoting them in mainstream sites. The text, the creatives and the landing pages cannot include explicit and aggressive content, such as inappropriate words, nudity (partial or total) or sex products. The good news is that., as they are more soft, there is also more potential traffic for them! 

Where should I run my campaigns? 

The answer is, that dating offers usually thrive everywhere. 

📍 Where adult dating offers are most popular (by total volumes) is in India, the United States, Indonesia, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and China. However, the success of these campaigns is different in all these countries. 

In the following map you can see where Adult offers are converting better, so the greener, the highest Conversion Rate. Interesting, right?

📍 On the other hand, where mainstream dating is more popular (again, by total volumes) is in the United States, Germany, France, India, Belgium, Japan, China, Great Britain and Italy

You can observe where the mainstream offers are converting better, so, the greener, the higher the Conversion rate is.

You can see that some countries are recommended both for adult and mainstream traffic. 

Tell me about money! 

Like in most verticals, there are four existing payment models for dating offers: 

1. Single-Opt-In (SOI) offers: you’ll take a commission when the user that you have sent makes a simple registration - usually, only with his/her email and name, that’s it. The payout for SOI offers start from a few cents for Tier 3 offers to around $3 in Tier 1 countries. 

2. Double-Opt-In (DOI) offers: unlike the SOI offers, the user now needs to confirm his/her email after making the registration. DOI offers assume that your traffic is more qualified, and that’s why the payouts are higher. Some offers in the northern european countries have payouts up to $10! 

3. Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) offers: here, you’ll get the money only if the user spends some money in the app/website/program. This is very tempting for the new affiliates as some of the payouts start from $15 to $50 or more, but sometimes it’s hard to make a profitable campaign with PPS dating offers - you need a lot of data, experience and optimization skills!

4. Rev-Share offers: in this case you’ll receive money every time your referral is making a payment into the dating program, and your share will be approximately around 70%-80%. It goes without saying that your traffic has to have high quality! 

4 must have tips

Like any other vertical in CPA Marketing, you’ll need some things first - let’s take a look:

1. A good Offer - that’s the most important thing. Without a good dating offer, you cannot make money. Even if you have the best funnel in the world, if your offer is bad, old or outdated, all your efforts will be meaningless. Take a look at the end of the article for good dating offer sites and a bonus to start! 😉

2. A good Angle - it’s also essential. You can try lots of anglIes, related to relationships, love, sensuality, and sex. Just make sure that your angle is the right one for the offer and the traffic you’re targeting. For example, make sure that the offer target matches the country you’re running it, etc. 

3. Amazing Ad creatives - the best approach here is to use only amateur women/men. Selfie pictures are a fantastic idea! 

4. A good Landing Page - the most used ones are the survey landing pages. You can find them on every spy tool or even with some manual research - just open your favorite dating/porn site and click on the “dating” banner, and download the landing page. Repeat this step until you have 2 or 3 landing pages, that’s when you have to edit them and create your own one. Important: make sure to check they don’t have any redirect scripts! 

Let’s review! 

Let’s see some good examples together - I’ll use some banner ads, but you can apply those angles for similar ads and different formats - push, display, native, etc. 

- In the following images, we can see that both have good angles - the left one plays with the visitor’s emotions (your wife will hate) and the second one is more standard. I don’t like the left image, there’s no eye contact, but the right one is alright. The CTA button in the left banner is OK, the one in the right image can be improved a lot. Note that those 2 images would belong to adult traffic, as there is explicit language in the creative text. Even though they do not contain nudity, these would not be suitable for mainstream traffic.

- Those next are my favorites - good creatives! The images are nice, the CTA looks fantastic and clear, and the angle is very clear. What else do you need? Of course they belong to adult traffic too - the language is very explicit! So be careful when running ads like these.

- Those here are interesting - they’re using an emotional angle: curiosity. The images are not appropriate, the eye contact would be a plus. I would also change the CTA button colour - it should be more distinctive.

And this here is another fantastic example of an adult creative - perfect angle, nice image (related to the angle) and good CTA button.

- The following ones are ancient but good - you can take inspiration from them for your push campaigns - the images are great. They make eye contact and look natural. The chat angle is often used in push campaigns. Normally you see “you have 2 new messages” or “you have a missed call from Melany_49”, etc. 

I like the following 3 creatives because of the angle they use - in my opinion, they are superb and present only 4-5 words. Amazing copywriter! The images and the CTAs are acceptable as well. The middle image is especially wise because the eye contact is very noticeable. Also, from my experience,images that show women with glasses have a higher CTR than others.

- The following images belong to mainstream content and are very adequate and clean. They are a good example of what a mainstream creativity should look like, not only because they meet the requirements but also because the quality looks high and elaborated. All of them belong to the same website, You Dates, but as you can observe, all of them are also adapted to the GEO of target. 

The creativity in italian has a woman that probably fits into the italian beauty standards. Same happens for the second one, which is a perfect fit for the latin american beauty standard. The third woman is clearly a perfect fit for a northern European country. Those creatives are very simple but perfectly elaborated.

In this first one, the image is perfect, a smiling woman making eye contact with the viewer. The message, in Italian, says “create unforgettable connections”, which is simple and direct. The CTA button “Start Now”, is clear and perfect. 

Here you can see a very similar ad, this time in Spanish. it says “experience new emotions” and the CTA button says “join now”. The CTA button is also clear, and it plays with the ad colours. The girl is again looking at the viewer’s face, so it’s a very good choice.

In this last one, in Norwegian, we see the same case as the previous ones. The text says “experience new love” and the CTA button looks clear and visible. 

Now, it’s time to share some tips in case you want to run dating ads! 

1. Don’t be afraid to bid high! The dating vertical is very competitive and you need qualified traffic, which you can only achieve with moderated/high bids. 

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment - try sending adult traffic to mainstream campaigns as well, even if your creatives are soft, it’s a traffic that can perfectly work as well. 

3. Don’t use Google Translate - we’ve seen all sorts of nonsense created with automated translation. Also, don’t forget that in some countries there is more than just one official language (Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, etc). Always ask your affiliate manager what landing pages they have and which language they recommend for each case.

4. If the offer initially has -50% ROI or less, you can optimize it and spend more money on it. Otherwise, if the ROI goes even higher than -50%, then stop it and focus on other offers. 

5. Spend some time doing research and google the beauty standards of the country you’ll be targeting. Take into consideration that what can be successful in one country, it can totally be the opposite in another one. Research a little bit about the culture of the target GEO and your campaign will be splendid! 

6. When running pop traffic, always use a pre sale page for your dating offers. A good tactic here is to optimize this landing page by speed, this is very important for pops. 

7. Try different niche offers

8. Both Mainstream and Adult offers are acceptable, always when you meet the creative specifications of the traffic source. But never use misleading, offensive or misogynistic content. First, because it’s not alright. And secondly, because the offer will most likely be a disaster. 

9. Don’t use clickbaiting images or text. The person who will be clicking on your ad will want to see specific content, they will not want to be played. So don’t disappoint your audience and promote realistic offers. 

10. All women are real - but try using natural images, not porn stars or models that match only one kind of beauty standard, because even if they are real women, they don’t represent the majority of the people.

11. Try adding country flags on your ad creatives and landing pages 

12. Don’t use {city} macros in your tracker, because depending on the traffic source the information you get can be totally wrong. Better write something like “girls in your area are looking for…” 

13. Test desktop and mobile offers separately - you can split test your campaigns. Normally, desktop traffic is more expensive and if you mix the devices, you’ll probably pay more. 

That’s all for today. I hope you learned something from our walkthrough about the dating vertical. Now, stop reading and start thinking about your next campaigns! Find a good offer, make 5-6 creatives, find a couple of landing pages, and start your campaigns! 

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for - where can I get my offers from? 

Well, lucky you, AdsEmpire has got something special for Pushground subscribers! 

Ads Empire is an affiliate network with high-paying offers. They have never stopped evolving from day one, and they’re about to change the tide of affiliate marketing! 

Sounds cool, eh? But first things first. 

- Offers - they have smartlinks and CPA offers, so you don’t need to puzzle over what to choose. Run both to maximize your earnings! 

- Verticals - they’re on dating most strongly, but you can also get other offers such as sweepstakes

- GEOs - Ads empire covers roughly 50 GEOs with the best EPCs! A bonus here: WorldWide traffic is accepted, and fraudulent traffic is banned!

- Payments: conditions and options are flexible enough. You can choose among Webmoney, Bitcoin, Qiwi, Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Paysera, Trustpay, Genome and Wire Transfer. The minimum threshold is $250. 

To sum up, AdsEmpire is a young, unique network that is going to make your online business go sky-high! It’s a gem platform for affiliate marketers, website owners, freelancers, social media pros and anyone who runs an online business. 

Register here to have an extra $50 on your first payout

Good Luck! 

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