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Discover how to promote your offers this Black Friday

Discover how to promote your offers this Black Friday


Dear friends, 

I hope your campaigns are all in green and you’re healthy and wealthy! 🤑

It’s Thursday again, so let’s talk about affiliate marketing. 

Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM) are behind the door! And yes, it’s that time of the year when we, as serious marketers, can make high profits

Firstly, let’s go 60 years back for a short but important history lesson - the term “Black Friday” was used for the first time in 1961 in Philadelphia, USA. The local police originated it because of the heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.

The term “Cyber Monday” is newer - people in the USA started using it in 2005 and it refers to the monday immediately following Black Friday. “Cyber Monday” started as a result of many retailers noticing that a lot of customers, who were too busy shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend or did not find what they were looking for, shopped for bargains online that Monday, from home or from work. 

Enough history for today! 

Returning to the present, it’s time to find out how to use BFCB “Black Friday & Cyber Monday” for our main goal - make more money! 

So, what are the best verticals and products that we can promote? 

I’ll give you some evergreen bestsellers! 

- Electronics and Smart Devices - last year, Apple AirPods Pro crushed the market during Black Friday. TVs, laptops and smartphones are always a good idea too. You can promote then with paid ads or free traffic (SEO or social media posts)

- Home appliances - there’s a lot of things you can sell here. Our recommendations are gadgets such as AirFryers, Ultrasonic Air Vaporizers, and Wine purifiers. 

- Games and gaming gadgets - if you’re a dedicated gamer, now it’s your chance to make a few extra bucks. Besides the paid traffic, you can promote this vertical via Youtube, Twitch and Discord. 

- Music gear - audiophiles are good spenders, and you can sell them a lot of things - musical instruments, Vinyl, DAC, etc. Specialized forums are the channels where you should try to promote these products, such as Youtube channels or Social Media groups. 

- Toys and child or newborn products - another classic vertical! Parents want the best for their kids, and are ready to spend money for them. Don’t miss your chance and use this opportunity. You can target people in their thirties, assuming they already have at least one child. Besides our platform, you can try running ads in social networks, Youtube, etc. 

- Health & Sport - this year, home fitness and products related to it will be a strong topic. People still continue to do exercises from their homes, and you can sell them courses, equipment, nutrition, etc. Of course, you can combine them with keto ideas, for example. 

- Beauty, Wellness & Spa - like the previous vertical, there are a lot of options here. From anti-aging creams, to acne-out products, wrinkle creams, etc. Whatever you choose from the nutra niche it will be good if you find the correct angle and audience. 

- Clothing, accessories and jewelry - literally there’s a hundred of thousands of products you can promote and make money with affiliate marketing. Our advice is to combine our push traffic with social media promotion. Do not forget to test different angles. 

- Software - Antivirus, VPNs, Ad Blockers and Games - you’ll receive a commission for every install or sale. With the Black Friday/Cyber monday angle, you can make a lot of money with Pushground’s traffic, don’t miss your chance! Contact your manager and ask for the best GEO, prices and volumes! 

How can you start an affiliate promotion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Pushground’s platform? 

1. In the first place, you’ll need to choose your niche and the product or service you’re going to promote. 

Contact your suppliers, ask them for prices, delivery times and hidden costs. Be sure they have enough supply stocks and they can meet the increased demand (in case you’ll be selling physical products). In case you’re working with digital ones, or you’re doing CPA/CPL affiliate marketing, you can search for good offers, ask about the payouts and special landing pages related to Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

2. Choose a GEO - don’t underestimate this step! The proper GEO can make a big difference in your campaign and can be decisive for it being profitable or not. If you start with the wrong one there’s a possibility that you’ll lose some money. If you want to read more about choosing geos, please read  this article.

3. Contact your account manager in Pushground to find out the best promotion format - classic push, web push, calendar or pop traffic! Don’t forget to ask for a WL/BL. 

4. Sit down and think about the best angles. I agree that here there’s not many choices to make, but still you can be creative and not use the same images and sentences everyone is using. Try to make a difference!
Pro-tip: show the discount you offer in numbers: “Limited Time Promotion! Up to 90% discount only for the Black Friday“

5. Start preparing your creatives and ad copies. Ask the supplier for quality good pictures, do a slight edit and use them in your campaign. It’s usually a good idea that the creative pictures match the pre landing page style and pictures. 
Pro-tip: keep your images and ideas clean and simple - in most cases, this works best.   

6. Set up your tracker. That’s an essential step - you know in media buying and affiliate marketing, proper tracking is crucial for your success. Make sure everything is OK, do a test conversion and ask the representative of the affiliate network if they are receiving it, or check it yourself.

7. Launch your campaign. Do not forget to set up a daily and campaign budget - during the Black Friday period there will be an increase in traffic, so don’t forget this when launching your campaign. 

Pro-tip: use the automatic rules from the Pushground’s dashboard

This rule says: If within 48 hours my ROI is under - 20 % and the conversion rate is under 1%, the campaign will be paused for 6 hours - this way you’ll have time to see what’s wrong with your campaign and fix it, or just stop the whole thing and test another offer / GEO. If the campaign is successful in the beginning, you can set up -40% ROI because this is normal for fresh campaigns, but it's a personal choice.

If the Site ID (the website that collected the Push subscriber) has only 1 conversion and you have spent more than $5 (you can change this amount with your offer’s payout) then this site ID will stop sending traffic to you for the next 4 hours. This is the fastest and the most aggressive way to find unprofitable site IDs. Use it with caution!

If the conversions coming from one Supply ID are lower than 5 and the spend is higher than $25 during 24 hours, the whole supply will be paused for 24 hours. In one Supply ID, you can have multiple Sites ID, that’s why the amount here is higher than the previous example. 

Warning! if you pause the entire supply, the traffic from all Site IDs in this Supply will stop too (even from your profitable ones). Be careful with this rule. 

8. Optimize your campaign - after gathering enough data, you can start optimizing. Remember, DO NOT optimize more than one or a maximum of tho things at the same time, otherwise you’ll mix a lot of changes and it will be messy to understand the results. 

Before ending, as usual I’ll give you some more advice on what CPA & CPL offers you can promote during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 

1. You can promote sweepstakes offers like the “Amazon GIFT card” related to the BFCM shopping.

2. Also, you can try Antivirus or VPN offers with similar ad copies: “Free Install only during the Black Friday” or “Over 200k users can't be wrong! Install it for FREE!” Test minimum 3 angles, and you will find the best one fast enough. 

3. Game Installs - also a good vertical during this period of the year.   You can apply the same angles as the previous ones. 

Some might say that promoting dating is also a good option for Black Friday, but personally I don’t agree, and I’ll explain you why: if you’re going to use the “free registration for Black Friday” angle with CPL offers, most probably the advertiser will not be satisfied with the quality of the users, because they won’t convert into sales. Instead, you can try some PPS (pay-per-sale) offers and tell your visitors there is a big discount if they take full membership during Black Friday. 

What GEO should you choose to start your campaigns? 

IT and FR are good in my opinion - both are European countries with good standards and there are a lot of offers you can choose to run there. The competition is low, and the CTR is good - around 0.20%. The average price for click in IT is only 0.05 but in France it is double, so I suggest starting with Italy and then scaling in France. Do not forget these stats can change, so before you launch your campaign take the actual info from here.

Well, that was all for today! Stay tuned for some news and Black Friday promotions during the next week, we have something prepared for you! 

 Wish you good luck profitable campaigns! 💪🏼

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