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How to push in Valentine’s Day 2022

How to push in Valentine’s Day 2022

How to push in Valentine’s Day 2022 


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s important to start planning out your push ad campaigns! People want to show love to their loved ones, and for others it is the perfect opportunity to find a partner or have a romantic night. It is a great day to engage with users with custom push notifications, so make sure to spread love and creative Valentine’s Day offers. 

To launch a successful campaign on Valentine’s Day you will need: 
1. A good Offer

2. A good Angle: try relationships, love, sensuality, sex. The most important thing is making sure that your angle matches within creatives, landing pages and offers.

3. A good Creative: we recommend using amateur pictures or selfies. Natural images perform the best.

4. A good Landing Page: you can find them with spy tools and manual research

What to promote on Valentine’s

- Gifts and Greetings: you can play it safe by targeting an audience who might be interested in buying last minute details for their loved ones. 

- Restaurant offers

- Travel discounts and reservations

- Promoting Dating Apps & E-commerce related to dating and sensuality is also a safe option and probably one of the most popular ones. 

How to push for Valentine’s 

The most important thing is to decide where you want to run your offer, and who you want to reach. 

Data have shown that the most successful countries can vary on whether it is a mainstream or adult offer. It is important to highlight that all countries are potential for dating, even if they don’t seem dating-friendly or if they’re not in the top ones. All you need to do is try different approaches. 

Make sure to choose the best GEO for your offer - results have shown that mainstream and adult offers thrive differently between countries. While the US is the leading country in mainstream offers, India leads in adult ones. Take a look at the different volumes across countries, both for Mainstream and Adult. 

Performance also varies across GEOS, as well as CPC. 


- Bid enough to be competitive: the dating vertical is very popular, and you can make a lot of money. But you’ll also need to be competitive with your bid in order to have good quality traffic. 

- Don’t be afraid of testing: experiment different angles, try new stuff. 

- Do not use Google Translate: it’s essential to refer your audience with the correct language - not only you have to translate the text perfectly, but also you need to speak your audience’s language: dig a little bit into the culture of the target country, check if they have more than one official language, etc. 

- Make research: you can also investigate the culture’s beauty standards, in order to approach your audience with the perfect images. 

- Care about the message: you can either run mainstream or adult offers, but make sure to avoid misogynic, misleading or offensive content. It’s not right and it’s also not allowed on our platform. 

- Adding country flags into your creatives can increase with the CTR. 

- Split test your campaign between different devices, the performance can vary. 

- Do not use clickbaiting images or/and text. Make sure the user will find what they’re expecting. 

- Use Automatic Rules to control the spending and performance of your campaigns. 

Where to find an offer

Our friends from AdsEmpire have prepared some interesting dating offers for this Valentine’s Day 2022! Plus they have a special reward for new users -  get $100 for FREE for each $1k you earn! This is available for all new partners in their platform, for more information ask your affiliate manager in AdsEmpire. Valid for CPA and Smartlink offers since January 26th, with a 1 month duration.

How to run a campaign for Valentine’s Day - A small-scale example: Low Budget 


The following Case Study is a small example to show you how to run a profitable campaign for Valentine’s Day. You may have noticed that the budget invested is very small: what we want to show you is that the important thing about a campaign is its effectiveness

Regardless of the amount invested or the budget each one has, we are all capable of carrying out profitable campaigns.

You can translate this example on a bigger scale. The main point is to show the basics of optimisation. We are only talking about 50 usd here, but you could get the same ROI with 500, 5000 or even 50000 usd. So, what are you waiting for? 

You can make much greater things! 

Overall Results

Campaign Period: 27/01/22 - 30/01/22

Total Revenue: 52 USD

Total Invested: 30.12 USD

Net Profit: 12.88 USD

ROI: 33%

Offer Details

Format: Classic Push

Vertical: Dating 

Payout:  4 USD

Affiliate Network: AdsEmpire 

Offer: WildSpank & Engelderliebe

GEO: Germany 

Tracker: Keitaro 

The Offer & GEO 

The media buyer decided to run an offer in Germany because our friends from AdsEmpire have great offers with fantastic payout, $4 for a single-opt-in, plus we have a lot of traffic in DE. 

He first asked us for a whitelist in Germany, and our managers gave him some good source IDs. In this case he used 331, 234, 86, 92 and 1635 for Mainstream Classic Push, and 844, 1632 and 2657 for Adult Classic Push. 

The Landing Page 

The next step was asking the affiliate manager from AdsEmpire about offers with high EPC in Germany. They gave him 2 offers with the 2 best-performing landing pages for each offer - in total 4 landing pages. 

Below are the example of the offer’s landing pages:

What is next? If your guess is the pre-landing pages, you are right!

About the pre-landing pages, he chose a few ones that had good results for him in the past, translated them to the German language, and changed the photos inside with blonde women. 

Below you can check the screenshots from the presale pages that were used in this campaign. The first one is a standard “Better than Tinder '' pre-landing page, the second one is a landing page with a short video instead of a photo. Both are quiz pages with a short 2 question flow.

Campaign settings and optimization

It’s time to reveal the campaign setup in the Keitaro tracker. We like the “Bot catcher stream”:

As you can see the logical relation is “or” so even if only one condition is met, the bot or the competitor who does manual spying will be redirected to a SmartLink. It’s a useful setup, and we recommend using this or similar in your campaigns too. 

The “money” stream is ordinary:

Two pre-landing pages that lead to the offer’s landing pages. Keitaro automatically distributes the traffic between the two pre-landing pages that lead the offers to the landing pages, so the media buyer’s only job is to keep an eye on the data. 

We will not show the screenshots from the S2S postback because it's standard and nothing extraordinary here. In the Keitaro tracker, there is a template for Pushground traffic source that you can use. If you face any problem with the tracker set up, contact our managers and they’ll be happy to help. 

It's time to see the creatives and the targeting that were used in this campaign:

The ones above belong to the adult campaign, as they are more aggressive. 

The ones below belong to the mainstream one.

You’ll notice that in the Mainstream campaign there are some ads that were rejected by the moderation team. That’s because the images were against Pushground mainstream policies, which means they were too sensitive or nudity was shown. Please make sure you follow the guidelines when running a dating campaign in mainstream traffic.  

Here are the targeting settings for both Adult and Mainstream campaigns:

Android versions older than 6 were excluded (version 4, version 5 and version 6). 

You can also notice that the only device targeted was smartphone, and the user freshness used was from 0h to 7 days and from 30 to 45 days. The media buyer decided this according to his past experience with dating ads

The initial bid was USD 0.07 for the mainstream campaign and USD 0.04 for the adult campaign, but these screenshots were taken later with a higher bid. 

Tracker Stats 

Enough about the campaign settings and preparation phase, let’s see how the campaign was and what problems the media buyer faced.

The stats below are from 27.01 to 30.01 (campaign period). 

As you can see from the stats about the period there are no conversions and there are some bot clicks which is normal because of the moderation. 

But the stats in AdsEmpire are different:

There are 4 conversions for that period that are not shown in the tracker and obviously, there is an issue which was not detected at first. After 1 day, the issue was found - the domain attached to the postback expired. The new Postback URL was sent to the AdsEmpire and the case closed. 

That was the first mistake of the media buyer: always check your domains, URLs, and Cloudflare settings before starting your campaign!

But anyway, they were stopped, and now it is time to return to the first campaign.

In the period from 31.01 to 08.02, there were 8 conversions. 

Not a big amount, but still better than nothing. Let's see what optimizations the media buyer did:

The campaign:

It’s clear that we have a winner here - the LP 1 from the offer Engelderliebe shows good results and a nice EPC - the media buyer stopped all other ones and continued only with that one. 

The pre-landing pages:

In this case it’s pretty obvious he continued to use the first landing page, which was showing the greatest performance. 

The “Better Than Tinder” pre-landing shows better results than the one with the video. 

Let's continue with the traffic source optimizations. 

Traffic Type:

In this case there was only 1 conversion from Adult - and it was stopped. The media buyer continued with the Mainstream campaign only.

Time to cut the supply IDs without conversions:

Supply ID 331 made almost all the conversions and all the other ones were paused for this campaign. 

The final step was to optimise the creatives:

Only the first 3 ones deserved attention, the rest were paused. The best strategy here is to find similar images to the winning creatives and use the same angle.

Below you can see the final stats from our network and from the affiliate network


Let’s talk about what we learned from this mini-campaign.

First, the CONS: 

1. The issue with the expired domain - was obviously the biggest one. One simple thing can ruin the whole campaign, so, again, double-check always.

2. The advertiser didn’t set up the S2S to our platform - it’s not obligatory, but it will help for further optimization and will make his life much easier. So we recommend always setting up the S2S postback in order to manage your campaigns better.

3. The media buyer did not use all the features of our platform: the auto-optimization by creativity and the “Automatic Rules” were missed, which can make a difference in your results. 

4. He didn’t optimise on site ID - which is always recommended. In that specific case, there was little spending so it can be understood. But for bigger investments it’s worth it.

5. He didn’t spend his daily budget and the reason is, his bid was low. We’ve said so many times - do not be afraid of the high bids - they will bring you quality traffic. With a higher bid, the ROI could have been much greater than 33%, even with these small numbers. 

Now, the PROS:

1. His “bot” stream

2. The split test between the offers

3. He made different campaigns for adult and mainstream, which was useful at the end, when he identified that the mainstream one was working better. 

4. The overall optimization was good at the end

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