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How to spy on your competitors. Tips from Anstrex experts.

How to spy on your competitors. Tips from Anstrex experts.

How to spy on your competitors - tips from Anstrex experts

These days, marketers don't need to fear their competition. When there's competition in your niche, it means there's good business. Nevertheless, if you don't take your competition seriously, you may lose out on a lot of profit—which is why you need an ad spy tool like Anstrex.

What is Ad Spying?

Ad spying is the act of tracking and analysing the advertising strategies of one's competitors in order to gain a competitive edge. This can be done through various means, such as reviewing the advertisements themselves, studying the target audience, or investigating the spending habits of the competition. 

By doing so, businesses can better understand what tactics are working for their rivals and adapt their own campaigns accordingly. Additionally, ad spying can help identify new opportunities for marketing and product development.

Ad spying also gives you access to everything the advertiser uses to create his ad, along with the information of the real ad. It's handy for media-buying affiliate marketers, especially if they want to be a step ahead of their competitors.

How do Ad Spying Tools Work?

Manual ad spying can be pretty tedious—you have to research who your competitors are and try to search for their ads. If their ads are location specific, you might even need a VPN to view the ad properly. It takes a lot of time and effort that you should be using for something else.

An ad spy tool, like Anstrex Spy Tool, simplifies this whole process. It gives you access to what makes any campaign successful in just a few minutes. 

There are a variety of different ad spying tools available on the market, each with its own set of features. The most common types of tools include:

1. Advertisement tracking tools

These tools allow businesses to track the performance of their own ads, as well as those of their competitors. They can provide insights into where ads are being placed, how often they are being viewed, and what leads to the most conversions.

2. Audience analysis tools

These tools help businesses to understand who their target audience is and how they differ from the competition's target audience. This information can be used to create more effective marketing campaigns and to develop products that are more likely to appeal to certain demographics.

3. Competitive intelligence tools

These tools provide businesses with detailed information about their competitors' marketing strategies, including the ads they are running, the budget they are spending, and the channels they are using. 

This information can be used to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the competition and to identify areas where it may be possible to gain an edge.

Anstrex is a Competitive Intelligence Tool that has some Advertisement Tracking features, mainly because it tracks the ads’ strength and gravity. Anstrex can also monitor the ranking trend of some ads.

Can I Spy Manually?

Yes, you can spy on your competitor's ads manually. And though it's more stressful than using ad spy tools, it can deliver some great results.

One way to spy on ads manually is by using a browser plugin. You can install a random agent spoofer or a VPN to your browser, allowing you to change your IP to find out the ads that users view in that region.

But narrowing down the results of your ad spying activities, such as finding ads for a specific niche or topic, can be very hard. And even if you get lucky to find the one you need, it would have taken you several hours of digging.

Pros and Cons of Manual Spying

Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of manual spying.


It is way cheaper to manually spy when compared to using an ad spy tool service. If you can find cheap or free VPNs and other essential tools, you are just paying for this activity with your time and energy.


The process of manual spying can be tasking. You'd need to put in a lot of time and effort to accomplish your goals.

And you can't see all the ads you need throughout your search; some ads are bound to go unnoticed or even invisible to you because you are not the target audience. So, even though it's cheaper, in the long run, using a spy tool is the smartest way to see what your competitors are doing.

Benefits of Using a Spy Tool in Affiliate Marketing

There are a number of benefits to using a spy tool in affiliate marketing, including:

Increased Efficiency

By using a spy tool, you can quickly and easily gather information about your competitors' advertising strategies. This information can then be used to develop more effective campaigns and to identify new opportunities for marketing and product development.

In affiliate marketing, spy tools help you to analyse the choice made by your competitors and the methods they use to promote their offers, including their landing page designs, traffic sources, target keywords, creatives, and ad networks they work with. 

Greater Understanding of The Competition

Spy tools allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors' strategies, including the ads they are running, the budget they are spending, and the channels they are using. This information can help you to stay ahead of the competition and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Some spy tools give you an extra advantage with features like filtering your results by best converting creatives, best geo-locations, and even landing pages with the most clicks. If you’re lucky, you may even see how much they pay for a click or a view.

Plus, you can find traffic-specific ad spy tools. So, if you want, you can get spy tools that focus on Facebook ads, push notifications, SEO and PPC, or native ads.

Improved Decision-Making

The insights gleaned from spy tools can help you to make more informed decisions about your marketing campaigns and product development. This can lead to increased profits and a better return on investment.

Let's say you're promoting some diet offers with native traffic but you need the perfect ad creative that will bring only premium results. 

If so, an ad spy tool would allow you to search for the best creatives that match your offers, and you can even filter them by performance and metrics like ad gravity and ad strength.

Ad Spy Tools Help You Create New Ideas

By exposing you to existing successful campaigns, ad spy tools like Anstrex help you create new angles to show you better strategies and ad formats to make your promotion even better than your competitors. 

In a nutshell, ad spy tools are valuable to people who see them as a source of inspiration and creativity. Though you also have the capacity to copy completely, we still advise you to use the ad creatives and landing pages as inspiration, instead of directly copying them.

Anstrex: Features and Usage

Anstrex is a powerful spy tool that allows you to see your competitors' ads—whatever vertical you may be focusing on. The company has been around since 2016 and has an impressive array of features that can seriously help boost your ROI.

Let's take a look at how Anstrex can really help you:

Various Ad Formats

Anstrex offers you over ten million native ads from up to twenty-seven ad networks, making it a very powerful native àd spy tool. Additionally, this tool gives you access to over one hundred and fifty thousand advertisers who run campaigns in eighty countries. You can find native ads in almost any language you want.

Anstrex monitors the top native advertising networks available today, including Yahoo Gemini, Google Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, MGID, and dozens of others.

Anstrex allows you to know what works in Push Advertising and analyze the campaigns of successful brands and affiliates using this traffic type. 

You'll get access to over three million push ads from up to thirty-eight ad networks, spanning 92 countries worldwide. Some of the push notification top ad networks being monitored by Anstrex include ZeroPark, EngageYa, Push House, MegaPush, and Richads.

With Anstrex, you'll also have access to entire push campaigns and even cloaked pages. It allows you to analyze visibility, CPC bids, and ad history. Finally, you can narrow down your search based on the type of push notification ad—classic push or in-page push ads.

This is the latest of Anstrex ad spying offers—pop ads. It includes access to over 1.2 million pop ads from up to 32 ad networks. These ads span more than 850 mobile carriers and 92 countries.

The top ad networks being monitored by Anstrex for pop ads include PopAds, Bidvertiser, PropellerAds, ZeroPark, ExoClick, and Self Advertiser, among others.

With Anstrex Pops, you'll get access to high-performing pop ads and the ability to analyze their creatives, landing pages, and publishing websites. You'll be able to find ads being shown on mobile or desktop devices.

Advanced Search Feature

As previously mentioned, Anstrex can be filtered by a number of criteria, such as ad network, language, device, category, and more. You can also use Boolean operators to make your search even more specific.

Furthermore, you can filter ads by country, ad network, device, language, category, affiliate network, and tracking system.

Copy, Edit, and Deploy Landing Pages

We all know how important landing pages are, especially when running pop ads. Landing pages help you warm up your traffic and help convince them to sign up for your offer.

Anstrex not only allows you to see your competitors' ads but also to download and copy their landing pages. You can even edit them to better suit your needs through Anstrex's In-Line editing tool.

Best of all, you can deploy the landing pages you create on your own server or on a third-party provider. All you have to do is link your server account to Anstrex so that you can easily deploy the edited landing pages and start running traffic to them immediately.

Final Thoughts on Ad Spying Through Anstrex

Anstrex is a very comprehensive ad intelligence tool that can help you boost your ROI in a number of ways. It offers access to millions of ads in various formats, from native ads to push notifications to pop ads.

You can also analyse the creatives, landing pages, and publishing websites of high-performing ads. Additionally, Anstrex allows you to copy and deploy your competitor's landing pages.

Finally, it has an advanced search feature that makes finding relevant ads easy. Overall, Anstrex is an indispensable tool for any marketer looking to improve their campaigns. If you're interested to sign up, there is an exclusive discount available for PushGround users. Use coupon code “pushgnd_20” coupon code during checkout to receive 20% Lifetime Recurring Discount on published prices. 

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