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Complete Guide To In-Page Push (2021)

Complete Guide To In-Page Push (2021)

Let’s talk about that hot new ad format, in-page push! What makes it different from regular push ads and what do you need to know to run a successful campaign.

What are in-page push ads

In-page push mobile example

What is in-page push and how it's different from normal push ads? For those of you who don’t know in-page push is basically a fancy banner ad that has the look and feel of a push notification. Unlike push notifications, in-page push ads are displayed directly on the publisher’s website like a banner ad, but they are formatted as if they were a device notification. This gives them the high performance of push ads without some of the limitations of push ads. They can be sent to any device (including iOS devices), unlike Push ads that are restricted by some operating systems. Additionally, there is no subscription needed for in-page push as there is for push ads. This makes it unaffected by the recent Chrome 80 update.

In-page Push example

How they appear

In-page push ads pop up a couple of seconds after someone comes on to a page. The hover over the top right portion of the page for desktops or at the bottom of a page for mobile. The format of in-page push ads plays a very important role in their success.

The close button

It is probably not the first thing you think of but the size and shape of their close button have a big effect on performance.  Smaller and harder to click close buttons end up having more misclicks and drive down performance which is why we collaborate with our supplies to ensure they are properly formatted.

What you need to know about in-page push

  • iOS and safari targeting available!! Allowing for wider audiences including the elusive iPhone users.
  • Smaller delay in between deliveries and clicks than normal push which allows for more precise budgeting.
  • User freshness is not relevant because they are only shown while a user is browsing a certain website.
  • The volumes for in-page are still growing, and it will be awhile before their numbers are anything like those of normal push.
  • The optimization process is the same as for push ads.
  • We still recommend starting with normal push, but you can use in-page push to scale existing campaigns to wider audiences or to iOS-specific offers.
  • Most CPA offers that work with push ads also work with in-page push traffic, but you should always double-check

Placement Matters!

Because in-page push is shown directly on a specific page, it’s directly connected to the content of that page and the relevancy of it will have a big impact on the results. For example, a finance offer would do much better on a money blog than on an online gaming site. Because of this whitelist and blacklist should be separated by vertical. Feel free to ask your account manager for extra help or premade lists.

In-page vs Push Ads, which to test first?

A common question we get is whether to start with In-page push or traditional push when starting.  We always recommend that if you are a more novice affiliate than to start with normal push ads. Push ads often offer better CPAs with more volumes compared to in-page push. However, jumping into In-page push is great to scale your already proven push campaign. Although they appear quite similar we still always suggest treating them like separate formats and separating your campaigns accordingly.

In-page push in numbers

The volumes of in-page compared to push

With over 500 million daily impressions in-page push has about a fifth of the volumes of its more established counterpart. Because the in-page push is still new, its volumes are expected to rise as new publishers continue to adopt the appealing ad format. Furthermore, the majority of the traffic (90%) is from mobile devices.

In-page Push countries

Top geos

US – avg CPC: 0.035 (22% lower than push) | avg CPA: $3.25

France – avg CPC: 0.013 (31% lower than push) | avg CPA: $3.03

United Kingdom – avg CPC: 0.014 (39% lower than push) | avg CPA: $2.68 (35% lower than push)

India – avg CPC: 0.0015 (21% lower than push) | avg CPA: $1.45

In-page push verticals

Top verticals

Dating Mainstream – avg CTR: 0.010 | avg CPA: $1.94

Sweepstakes – avg CTR: 0.016 | avg CPA: $1.18

Finance – avg CTR: 0.012 | avg CPA: $5.25

Dating adult – avg CTR: 0.013 | avg CPA: $2.64

Top in-page push feeds

Feed 598 – US, FR, GB, ES, IT, PT

Feed 406 –  US, FR, DE, ZA

Feed 426 – SA, IN, ES

Feed 440 – DE, ES

Feed 1167 – IN

How to launch In-page push ads

At Pushground, you can create in-page push ads in the exact same way as you would for push ads or easily expand your existing campaigns to include the in-page format. Just select In-Page Push on the create campaigns page and finish creating your campaign as you would do for a normal push campaign.

pushground ad formats - in-page push

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