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Insurance Offer Overview

Insurance Offer Overview

Dear friends, 

I hope you’re doing well, as well as your campaigns ;) 

In Pushground we are constantly improving our traffic so it can fit for all kinds of verticals, and we’re proud to say that media buyers who want to run insurance verticals have a very good chance of making profits with us! 

You’re probably asking yourself - why insurance offers?

Well, the answer is, they are worth it. We’ve seen clients going from dating, to sweepstakes, to pin submit and finally insurance!

Pros of Insurance offers

- They are 100% legit - which means you can run them everywhere - our suggestion is to test them on push ads, which have proven to work quite well for this vertical. 

- They usually have high payouts - even on the CPL model - so as a media buyer there is great potential to make money with insurance offers. 

- There’s a quite wide range of potential offers to choose - in that vertical, the options are multiple: car insurance, house insurance, health insurance, medicare, etc. 

- It’s not yet an overcrowded vertical, so there is no massive competition ;) 

Of course there are some cons too

- You’ll need to invest a higher budget than you would for other vertical campaigns. 

- Insurance offers are usually restricted to Tier 1 GEOS like GB, the US, DE, Ca, etc, which means a more expensive traffic than in other cases - but remember that the payouts are also high, so everything is proportional! 

- They are not so beginner-friendly - you will need to invest some time and money to optimise insurance offers. 

If the money barrier does not disturb you, and you have at least some rookie experience, what we think is that you can be ready to run insurance offers! Let your account manager know and they’ll be happy to help you with them. 

Pro-tip: if you’re really invested in this vertical, we strongly recommend you to gather the visitor’s emails once they land on your pre-sale page, and after that, start selling them different insurance products. 

Let’s open our spy tool of choice - it will be Anstrex today, and let’s see how the other media buyers run these kinds of offers in native and push paid ads. 

Home Insurance Ads 

Nothing extraordinary to comment here - usually elder people appear on the ads, very often holding a document in their hands, and the angle seems to be : “say bye to your home insurance bill” - and it honestly works well. 

Here is the pre-landing page that the media buyers were using in this case:

After the user hits the CTA button, they are being redirected to the offer’s page:

In order to fire the conversion pixel, they need to put their (valid) zip code and answer a few more questions. 

Auto Insurance Ads

Using pictures of smashed cars & people worried about it - works. You can test 7-8 different creatives and see what will work better for your offer. Here you have some examples: 

In this case, this media buyer was using the following landing page:

It seems that they are sending the traffic directly to the offer’s page, without a pre-landing page. According to what we’ve learned during the years, this might work but it’s not the best practice - in this case, the media buyer will not be able to collect the visitor's e-mail, for example. 

Pro-Tip: Always split-test direct linking versus pre-landing pages. 

Life Insurance Ads

What I liked about these creatives is that the media buyer wrote the sum of money and the specific targeting age in the creatives. 

Pro-Tip: the correct targeting is extremely important on that type of insurance offer. Make sure you follow this rule and you’ll see a way better performance! 

What NOT to do when running insurance offers on Push Ads:

1. Don’t run them without a tracker. There are lots of options, we recommend you to check this article to understand more the types of trackers and their main features. 

2. Copy-paste your competitor’s creatives - you can use Anstrex for inspiration, but when it comes to push ads it is better to make some changes instead of directly copying the competitors, because of the banner blindness

3. Targeting - find the right audience for your offer. For example, it’s very hard to sell life insurance to young people - let’s say from 18 years old to 30 years old. Start filtering them by writing “only for Canadians over 35”, for example. 

4. Do not run insurance offers on small budgets - there is no point to do that. Most probably you’ll spend your money without success, better try another vertical with an easier flow. 

5. Do not run an insurance campaign before consulting with your affiliate manager - they have access to the data you don’t have, and they’ll give you a piece of proper information about conversion rates, EPC, and other statistics which will be useful before starting.

6. Choose mobile rather than desktop - when you have a funnel that works, you can scale and target desktop users.

7. Don’t start only with 1-2 creatives, you need to test more. 

Friends, that’s all for today! If you’re looking for something different from usual dating or sweepstakes, try this vertical and you won’t regret it. 

See you next Thursday :) Until then, stay safe and profitable! 

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