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Make the most of your campaigns this Halloween

Make the most of your campaigns this Halloween

Some ideas for Halloween Campaigns

Hello 👻 dear affiliates, 

It’s almost the end of the month, and it's pumpkin time! Which means Halloween is almost here!

And of course I’m not talking about Jamie Lee Curtis’s last movie, I’m talking about the spookiest night of the year, when the ghosts and dead people return to our world. 

Today’s topic is not about spooky things but about affiliate marketing and Halloween, and how you can make more money during this time of the year.

Let me give you some statistics before we start - last year, people from the US spent around $8 billion on Halloween related items, and this year the expected spending increases up to $10 billion, which makes an average spend of $102 per person. 

And, what do they spend their money on? 

Well, firstly in costumes, secondly in decorations and lastly in candies. So, if you are involved around costume affiliations, you can make good money. 

Do not despair if you work with more “traditional” CPA offers, like sweepstakes or others. There are very interesting ones that can be related to Halloween. 

This iPhone 13 offer, for example:

I’m sure it can convert perfectly well with good creatives and proper angles. If you’re running push ads, make sure to test different images related to Halloween, and see what will perform better in your case. You can always do A/B test stock pictures and cartoon ones - the only limitation is your imagination 😏

For more inspiration, make sure to spy the competitors, but as always, don’t copy. Just get ideas from them and develop a new one adapted to your offer needs.

You can do a similar approach regarding the landing pages - change the images with some that are Halloween related - funny witches, black cats, ghosts, spiders, etc. There is no need to make completely new landing pages, just edit and update your existing ones, and you’ll be ready to start making some profit! 

Here’s another good offer for Halloween - an Amazon gift card! 

To run this kind of offers you can use the information mentioned at the beginning of this article - people in the US spend a lot of money for Halloween, both for costumes and decorations - and you can test angles such as “get your Halloween costume for FREE” or “Buy gifts for your beloved ones for FREE” or “Your FREE Halloween costume! Don’t miss it”. 

Again, the possibilities are endless! Pick up 2 or 3 angles and test them. This specific offer is from the NL, where Halloween is not officially celebrated - but still popular among the younger population! You can try to reach them with different messages. 

Here’s another offer worth testing this season - a Milka voucher!

It’s very related to Halloween, because of the sweets tradition, and you can use similar approaches as in the two previous examples! Halloween images and Halloween themed landing pages. 

You can address your messages to the people who love chocolate, candies, who have small children, etc. This offer is for Spain, where Halloween is again, not officially celebrated but popular among some populations. 

But enough with the sweepstakes offers for today! I believe you already got my point. 

What else is worth promoting during the spooky season? 

Dating? Why not? 

Take this opportunity to run dating offers showing women wearing Halloween costumes - they can be sexy or not. About the angles - test somethin like “i’ll be your Halloween crush” or “Let’s party together”, or stronger messages in case you promote adult offers. 

There’s a lot of room to play with the creatives and the angles, and that’s the reason why the affiliate marketing is so interesting - just test them and see what is best for you! 

You want to test something different? Try betting or casino offers 

During the holidays, people are more likely to spend money easily, so it’s a good time for a casino campaign! Just target the right audience. Some angles that you can test are “150 FREE spins only for Halloween”, “Don’t miss your Halloween bonus” or “One time Halloween offer. Expires on 1.11”.

Pro tip: Play with the CTA buttons and test the orange color (pumpkin related). Orange is a bright color and promotes friendship and optimism. It also stimulates excitement and is more likely to cause people to become a lead or purchase something on an impulse. Therefore, in the affiliate marketing industry, it’s a very effective color to work into your campaigns - you definitely should use it! 

So, as a conclusion, you can see that everything is promotable on Halloween! You just need to find a reason. Besides these already mentioned verticals, you can try antivirus, app installs, games, pin submits, e-commerce, etc. Ask your account manager in Pushground what performed best during the last weeks, you have nothing to lose. 

Some geos I recommend testing: 

- The United States 🇺🇸 : Halloween is almost as important as Christmas. You can use angles relating your offer to horror movies, haunted houses, candies or popular people images! 

- Canada 🇨🇦 : it’s also worth a try! Maybe the celebration is not as big as in the States, but it’s a holiday too and you can make money through your offers. 

- Mexico 🇲🇽 : this day is also known there as the Day of dead, and they celebrate it in a very special way - they make flower decorations, celebrate the dead, make altars and candles plus some parties with costumes and corpse painting! 

- Japan 🇯🇵 : not an official holiday there, but in some large cities there are parties and unofficial celebrations. 

- The Philippines 🇵🇭 : between 31.10 and 02.11 they remember the deceased family members and friends. 

- Australia 🇦🇺  and New Zealand 🇳🇿 : Halloween is also not official there, but very popular among youth people! 

- Germany 🇩🇪 : again, not an official holiday, but last year Halloween brought around $200 million euros, through multiple industries. It might be your time now to cut a slice from those millions! 

- Italy 🇮🇹 : it’s a national holiday, and Halloween is celebrated both by children and adults. 

- Spain 🇪🇸 : same situation as in Italy - not an official Halloween holiday, but 1st of November is a national holiday! 

- United Kingdom 🇬🇧 : trick or treating and other Halloween celebrations are extremely popular, with shops decorated with witches and pumpkins and young people attending costume parties. 

- Poland 🇵🇱 : particularly, Halloween is celebrated among younger people. Door-to-door trick or treating is not common, and pumpkin carving is becoming more popular throughout the years, following the North American version of this tradition. 

- Sweden 🇸🇪 : amond children, the practice of dressing in costumes and collecting candies started to gain popularity around 2005. 

I believe these are enough to start with! My advice is to start with European countries like Spain or Italy, and test multiple offers and angles. If you find a winner, then make sure to scale it to another country. 

On this link you can check the prices and volumes for every GEO that you’re interested in, and start planning your campaigns - daily budget, targeting, etc. Please keep in mind that there are cultural and religious differences across countries, so it’s good to educate yourself before starting a campaign in a new country. 

Well people, that’s all for today! Follow the advice in this article and let us know if they worked! 

For the newbies in affiliate marketing, I recommend reading these articles before starting their first Halloween campaign.

Happy Halloween! Stay Profitable!

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