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Online Marketing Jobs: Remote Work From Home & Flexible

Online Marketing Jobs: Remote Work From Home & Flexible

Online Marketing Jobs:  Remote Work From Home & Flexible


Dear readers.

We hope those of you who celebrate Halloween had a great holiday and celebrated well.

Time to get back to work, though.

Today we're going to discuss online marketing jobs, the pros, and cons, and what each online job entails.

How do I start working in digital marketing?

Literally, anyone can start a career in digital marketing. Of course, it is always good to have some basic skills before jumping into the wilds of online business. One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing jobs is that anyone can do it, age and gender don't matter. The only condition is that you have a stable internet connection, a computer, or a laptop, and you are sufficiently motivated and hungry for success. Initially, you can combine working from 3 to 9 with digital marketing and devote yourself entirely to online marketing if you wish. 

Are there any required skills to get started in digital marketing?

Depending on the specific job you have chosen to start, it's good to have some of the following skills:

  1. Coding Skills – The ability to write code and develop software has been one of the most sought-after skills lately. The most commonly used programming languages ​​in digital marketing are HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP, and Python. 
  2. System administration and server maintenance – we all use servers daily – to host our sites and landing pages, to host trackers or databases, email servers, etc. Having skills in server maintenance is an essential skill that will surely make it easier to find online digital marketing jobs.
  3. Banner-making, digital image editing, etc. – any skills that are related to image processing will be helpful when you start working in the field of digital marketing.
  4. Copywriting skills are essential for digital marketing because plenty of content needs to be created, such as social media content, blog posts, new angles, headlines, banner text, etc. If you have copywriting experience, you can hope for a job in digital marketing.
  5. Marketing or sales skills – of course, having previous offline experience in the field will help you a lot when starting an online marketing business.

Which work is best for digital marketing?

We will introduce you to some of the most profitable careers that you can start when we talk about working in online marketing:

Media buyer/performance marketer:

Media buyers are focused on delivering results for their customers or their products. Customers can be an affiliate network or product owners. Performance marketers use paid traffic to get the number of visits or conversions they want.

-What is Media Buying?

Media buyers want to see measurable results from their marketing campaigns. Performance marketers are focused on generating leads, app downloads, sales, and registrations for events delivered by paid traffic.  Performance marketers measure the effectiveness of each part of their campaign funnel and adjust it to achieve the best results. All you have to know to stard in Media Buying: The Ultimate Media Buying Template and Push Ads Complete Guide.

-From where you can buy good traffic that will make you money?

There is nothing difficult about buying traffic – nowadays traffic can be bought from anywhere almost without effort – Facebook and Google are known to everyone, but we recommend starting with push traffic from Pushground. The push traffic is cheaper than that of Google and Facebook, which makes it more profitable, especially for offers like lead generation, app installs, and quizzes. 

Affiliate marketer:

it is very commonly assumed that media buying and affiliate marketing are the same, but there are subtle nuances that differentiate them. The most noticeable difference is that many affiliates use only free traffic – social media traffic, SEO traffic, forum comments, etc.

-What is an affiliate marketer?

When a business needs more sales or leads, it hires affiliates to provide them. You get a certain amount of money for each successful conversion (sale or lead). As a general rule, the easier it is to convert, the lower the commission you will receive.

Just like media buyers, affiliates can take offers to promote from affiliate networks or directly from product or service owners.

It requires significant effort to get a lot of free traffic, and it's not under your control. That is why many affiliates eventually choose to invest in paid traffic. 

-What do you need to be a media buyer or an affiliate?

One of the low barriers to entry for digital marketing jobs is media buying and affiliate marketing. You just need to have a budget (of course, you'll need a bigger budget if you start with media buying), time, and some basic knowledge. A dedicated landing page builder is a good way to create your own website without having coding skills or finding a professional to help you with that. When it comes to creating graphics, you can hire people to do that.

-How do you start as a media buyer or affiliate marketer?

Being an affiliate marketer involves being an entrepreneur. You don't need special skills or an office to start a business. Of course, knowing basic HTML and CSS or PHP would help, but it's not necessary. To start, you can simply get your computer, sign up for Pushground as a traffic source, and an affiliate network, set up your landing pages, and you are ready to go.

SEO Specialist:

SEO has become one of the most important digital marketing jobs. This job requires skilled specialists who are now involved in marketing work. SEO is a method of getting more organic visits to a website by optimizing it to rank higher in the search results. 

-What does an seo specialist do?

An SEO expert wants to improve how your page, product, or brand is seen on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

Some of the methods they are using are: 

  1. Improving the content of your web page (on-site SEO).  It is possible to make your web page more visible to search engines by using headings and lists, without using too many words.
  1. Backlinks, links that point to your site, are still the most important factor in assessing the importance of your site. A SEO specialist focuses on cooperating with other parties, exchanging links, or paying for them, and assessing link quality.
  1. The results of a search also include advertising links. A part of an SEO specialist's job is to make sure that your page will come up when people search for relevant keywords.

-What do you need to start being a SEO Specialist?

You can find information on SEO online. There are plenty of courses or other resources available for free or for a fee. It's significant to learn constantly because the way search engine algorithms work is constantly changing.

Web designer or developer

Even though landing page builders allow anyone to make a website or landing page, they can only take you so far. You'll have to find a person to make a site like this if the design is any more complicated.

As a web designer, you might be more focused on the visual aspect of the web project or on the backend aspect – the part that ensures that everything works. You may work independently or as part of a design team.

Web development skills are essential. But the good news is that you don't need to attend a four-year university to obtain such a degree. You don’t need a university education for that.

As with most jobs in digital marketing, this one can also be done as a freelancer. You will find work with ease once you learn how to design and build websites.

Whichever job you choose in the internet marketing field, you certainly won't regret it. This business is yet to develop and will need more and more people to work. 

Wish you good luck and see you soon again.

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