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Antivirus Vertical: How to promote antivirus offers

Antivirus Vertical: How to promote antivirus offers

Antivirus Vertical: How to promote antivirus offers

Hello again!

We hope you are all well and your campaigns are more profitable than ever.

In recent months, we've had several articles that have generated a lot of interest among our publishers. For this reason, after the materials about sweepstakes and dating verticals, today we will talk again about antivirus offers and how to advertise them.

Q: What are antivirus offers?

Anti-viruses are among the oldest niches in affiliate marketing and media buying. Advertisers who make a lot of money in affiliate marketing are using antivirus offers. Antivirus products are popular all year, so they have no seasonality. It offers deals for different devices, such as mobile and laptops with other operating systems.

Q: What is the recommended budget to start with?

it all depends on the offer you choose to promote: if the offer is for a mobile device, and you will receive a commission if the user installs the app, without a purchase, then a $40-50 budget per day is quite enough. 

We usually recommend starting with an easier offer, such as CPI-based offers – this way it will be easier to optimize your marketing funnel, which will later enable you to create campaigns with offers that pay high commissions.

Q: Which country (GEO) should I start my first antivirus campaigns in?

Those of you who read our blog regularly know that the answer to this question depends on your knowledge, skills, and budget. If you have enough experience and budget and proven landing pages, you can directly start with Tier 1 GEOs such as the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. You can make a lot of money with Pusground’s classic push and in-page push traffic. These countries have big volumes of traffic and are very stable, so you can bank hard with antivirus offers. 

On the other hand, if you have no experience with this vertical or have a small budget to test the offers, don't be greedy and launch a campaign in Tier 2 or even a Tier 3 GEO. Don't worry about not making a profit – we have publishers making money in these markets because the competition is less and the CPC price is lower than in Tier 1 countries.

Q: Which types of antivirus should I begin with?

Again, our advice is to start with CPI or pin-submit offers and when you have enough data, continue with CPS offers. Of course, if you're using Pushground to scale your already CPS-winning campaigns, you can start straight away with them – it's all a matter of your skills and collected data.

Q: What is the TEST budget that I should spend on Pushground for a single antivirus campaign?

Testing at least two different offers on the same GEO from two different networks is recommended. An example is a media buyer starting a new campaign and testing two offers with $0.60 payouts, three pre-landing pages, and six creative variations. You need to spend 10 times the offer's PO per creative to start getting some results.  So the budget for this campaign would be 10×0.60×3×2×6 = $216  

Don't give up if you are at a loss after the first 2-3 days. This is a common mistake made by many novice media buyers. Remember, you are not losing money, you are buying a date! Based on this date, with the help of your tracker, you will begin to optimize your campaign.

Q: How many creatives per ad push notification do I have to use?

You can use more creatives, but remember that every additional one will increase your test budget. We recommend starting your campaign with a minimum of five and a maximum of eight creatives. 

Q: Is it better to use pre-landing pages or to directly link to the offer?

Direct linking is not usually an option. Use pre-landing pages - they will ‘warm up” your visitors and will increase your conversion rate and traffic quality. You do not need to be a good developer to use pre-sales pages, and you do not have to make them yourself. Many landing pages that have been proven to work and have been tested by many affiliates have been collected by the creators of Purelander. 

Always use a pre-landing page in the language spoken in the targeted area. To launch a campaign in Germany, you need to translate the entire funnel into German using a native translator, not using tools like Google Translate.

Q: How aggressive you can be with your push ads?

You can be as aggressive in your push campaigns as our platform rules allow. 

We advise you to observe the following:

  1. It is unacceptable to threaten or scare the user about viruses on their device. Examples of what not to do: A scanning system to fix all the problems that slow down this PC System warning: Click here to remove junk files, clear your device memory to solve this problem, and increase your phone's speed, Update required, You have 5 viruses, Your computer/device is infected, download to continue watching.
  1. It's okay to use any information in creatives, texts, or landing pages about viruses, potential threats, files damaged, etc. (Examples: Do you want to know if your PC is working slowly? Do you want to get rid of junk files? You might have viruses? Your computer may be malfunctioning!
  1. Don't put brand logos on the icons or landing pages, like Google, Gmail, Facebook, or Windows. (These are all well-known brands, but it's easy to guess what interface you're talking about just by changing the colors. Please use different images.
  1. It is not allowed to create campaigns where there is a statement that promoted offers are provided for the brand.
  1. It is not possible to use the Google logo.
  1. It is against our rules to copy system messages from operating systems or well-known browsers (Chrome, Safari) on LPs and creatives

If you still have doubts about what creatives to use, just ask your account manager.

Q: I see that many media buyers use the same creatives multiple times. Does that practice work out well? 

You shouldn't copy-paste your competitors. Spy on your competitors to get ideas and see what works. Don't just copy their creatives and use them on your own campaigns.

Chances are high that users are already tired of the same images and headlines if you are using the same ads as everyone else.  The best way to come up with good ideas is to use tools like Anstrex to get inspired, and then test your angles and images near the ones that work. 

Q: Why don't I see any profits after investing a lot of money into traffic?

Check your angles, creatives, and pre-landing pages and change them if they are misleading or inappropriate in any way. Be careful with optimizations – the best option is to change only one element of the campaign each time you optimize. Do not over-optimize your campaign, or you will destroy it!

Q: Do you think I should use a tracker when running antivirus campaigns with push traffic?

A: A tracker is definitely something you should have in your media buying inventory. The tracker tool will make it much easier to achieve the desired results when it comes to push ads campaigns. RedTrack and Keitaro are two of the best tools you can use to make your push campaigns successful. You don't need a server or other technical knowledge to use the cloud-hosted Redtrack. For those of you who want to access the server and know how to take advantage of it, we recommend Keitaro which is self-hosted. 

Both trackers have already integrated Pushground as a traffic source, so you are ready to start your campaign in minutes. 

Q: What Ad formats to choose for my antivirus campaign?

Start with a classic push notification format, and once you've made it profitable, scale with an in-page format. 

Pro-top: Keep different types of traffic on separate campaigns for better optimization.  

This was our useful article on how to run campaigns with push traffic. You can check this previous material for more information on where to find the most used offers, creatives, and landing pages examples. 

See you soon. Stay safe and profitable!

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