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How to Promote Mobile Content Offers

How to Promote Mobile Content Offers

How to Promote Mobile Content Offers


Dear media buyers.

Due to the great interest that our Black Friday and Cyber Monday article generated, we decided to make a separate article on how to promote carrier billing offers.

Let's start with some theory first and explain precisely what career billing offers.

Carrier billing offers are called “Pin Submit” or “Mobile Content” offers. The most accurate name for these offers would be Carrier Billing offers since that's what they are: Users get billed for something (some content) by their mobile carrier (operator). The charge will either appear on their invoice or be deducted from their prepaid amount.

You can find many products that use carrier billing, such as adult content, antivirus apps, mainstream videos, games, astrology, sweepstakes, and more. We would say antivirus, sweepstakes, and adult content are the evergreens.  

How does carrier billing work?

As we've already stated, users get charged by their mobile operators, but before this happens, they need to agree to get charged – subscribe to an app or tool. It can be a recurring charge or a one-time charge until the user cancels it.

The user can subscribe in a few ways:

1. When someone clicks on something, it's known as the 1 or 2-click flow (MSISDN Flow). This only works if the user is connected to the internet through a mobile internet connection from the mobile phone company (carrier).

There are usually some terms and conditions that the user must agree to before they can start the subscription. To accept the terms, the user simply needs to click on an 'Agree' button. This is the flow that takes one click. In the event of a two-click flow, there will be additional confirmation required.

There's no need to leave the offer’s landing page to start the subscription in either the one-click or the two-click flow. Neither do the users have to type anything. That’s the reason Mobile Content offers sometimes can work without a pre-landing page.

Some users don't even realize they're subscribing to something. That's why 2-click flow is replacing 1-click flow on a large scale, and new regulations are being put in place in a lot of GEOs (especially TIER 1).

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2. The second method requires more activity from the users. They can subscribe by sending an SMS reply to confirm the subscription (MO Flow) or by receiving an activation code via SMS, which they need to enter on the offer page to confirm (MT Flow). 

The MO and MT flows convert worse than either 1-click or 2-click flows because there are more steps required from the users, and in our experience, it usually negatively affects the conversion rate. 

If they are harder to convert, what is the reason to promote these kinds of offers?

1. Because of the already mentioned regulations

2. MO and MT can also turn Wi-Fi and desktop traffic into money. For example, a user could subscribe by sending a confirmation SMS from his mobile phone while he is browsing on his laptop through his Wi-Fi connection. 

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offers – they are also known as Click2Call. As the name implies, for the conversion to occur, a customer must make a call. These offers typically have payouts based on how long the user stays on the phone. Some offers have a marketing team on the other side of the phone call, while others have only an interactive recording.

Can I promote Carrier Billing offers without a pre-landing page?

It is possible. This type of offer is great because you don't often need pre-landing pages to increase your conversion rate.  It is, of course, a good idea to make a split test between direct linking and using a pre-sale page, but for a quick initial test, you can just go with direct linking. 

What is the recommended budget to start with the Carrier Billing vertical?

Based on our experience, you can start with a minimum budget of $250 for Tier 3 GEOs. The low starting budget and the possibility to start with direct linking make the Pin-Submit offer so suitable for beginners. 

Which country (GEO) should I start my first Carrier Billing campaigns in?

As we have already mentioned, the Tier 1 countries that are the most profitable are also the most regulated ones. Start your campaign in countries from LATAM, Africa, and Asia and you won't regret it. 

How to promote Pin Submit offers with Push Ads?

Push ads are very customer-facing. Every mobile user has push notifications on their phone. New friend requests from Facebook, system updates, and appointment reminders are some things they can be. Mobile ad campaigns can reach anyone through push notifications. 

With the low CPC prices of Pushground's premium traffic in Tier 3 countries, it's quite normal to expect decent profits from your Carrier Billing campaigns.

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Tips on Running Pin – Submit Offers:

1. Start with mobile push notification ads – they work the best. Tablets are not very effective and desktop campaigns are difficult to make profits. 

2. Android overperforms iPhone. If you want more traffic, target Android devices on a separate campaign. 

3. Don't be afraid to test low payouts when the flow is 1 click. We have seen successful campaigns in Asia with a payout of a few cents.  

4. If you are using pre-landing pages, make them ultra-fast. 

A mobile page's speed is one of the most important things about a successful mobile ad campaign. Although the click-through rate is higher on mobile devices, customers are more likely to drop out of the funnel on mobile devices than on desktop devices. That's because mobile pages load slower than regular pages.

5. Your pre-landing pages should be optimized for mobile devices, not only for speed but also for smaller screens. That is another reason why campaigns for tablets should be run as separate campaigns. When it comes to screen size and layout, tablets are closer to desktops than mobile devices. Therefore, a mobile ad prepared for a smaller screen might look awkward on a tablet.

6. Always do A/B testing – one ad might turn out to be a campaign crusher, but many others might not be noticed. It's why you shouldn't only choose one option. A/B testing your ad copy and pre-sale pages will make sure you are matching the content of your offer with the right audience. 

7. If your offer is not interesting, it won't convert and won’t make profits for you. Even if you choose your target audience well and spend a lot of time and money improving your funnel and ads, some offers are just bad, and they be always money wasters. 

Your ad campaign needs to be excellent, but your offer needs to be even more outstanding. Before you start your campaign, ask the account manager what works best. 

8. Double-checking your funnel is a must. Make sure users like the experience they have when they go through it. A professional-looking sales funnel with no mistakes and funny format is a great example of a trustworthy business.

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That was for today. If you have further questions about running Pin Submit offers on Pushground, please ask your manager. Let’s make some money together!

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