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A guide for Onlyfans creators to promote their erotic content secretly

A guide for Onlyfans creators to promote their erotic content secretly

A guide for Onlyfans creators to promote their erotic content secretly

We will explain how to promote your OnlyFans erotic content secretly. We give you general tips for adult advertising with a OnlyFans page while respecting others' privacy and boundaries:

How to promote your OnlyFans erotic content secretly

1. Secret Social Networks

Don't use your actual identity when setting up a new account in social media. The email address used should be new and not allow syncing.

Make sure to avoid using your actual name in any way so that no one will recognize you if OnlyFans influencers or promotions share your link on the site.

But, maybe you want to use your existing social media accounts to promote your OnlyFans page but without explicitly mentioning it. All you have to do is post attractive and suggestive pictures, and include links in your bio and promote this adult advertising in another social network as Twitter.

2. Find an audience in another country

If you are starting and you still do not trust or want to avoid as much as possible your "close" circle bet on doing all kinds of collaborations or paid actions in other countries. For example, collaborate with sexual content creators from other countries, and create content in English or Spanish because you will have more market and will not know where you are.

3. Collaborate with other creators

Reach out to other OnlyFans creators with similar secret content and followers as yours and collaborate on content creation or shoutouts.

There are many types of adult advertising that you can do with another influencer. Here are some popular options:

  1. Guest posting: You can collaborate with another influencer by guest posting on each other's blogs, websites or social media. 
  2. Co-hosted events: You can host events together, such as webinars, live streams, podcasts or in-person meetups. This can help you engage and share content in both audiences and make you known to new people.
  3. Product collaborations: You can collaborate with another influencer on a product or service, such as a book, course, or digital product. In exchange for the other person promoting you, it is a win-win for both and free.
  4. Giveaways: You can collaborate on a giveaway, where you offer a prize to your followers. For example: Join another influencer and raffle iphones, the conditions can be to follow both users and upload a history post. This can help you increase engagement and grow your audience.

Remember, the key to successful collaboration is finding the right partner and building a strong relationship. Choose someone who creates similar online adult content with  a similar target audience. Communicate clearly and be open to feedback and new ideas. With the right approach, collaborations can be a powerful way to grow your brand and reach new audiences.

4. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing: 

Encourage your existing subscribers to share your page with their friends who might be interested in your content, you can refer them a discount code. 

Offer your clients incentives, such as discounts, free images or exclusive events for referring their friends to your business. This can motivate them to spread the word about your content.

5. Adult paid advertising

Consider running paid ads on social media platforms but often it is very difficult because they censor the content and have a restrictive policy with the erotic content. They are very strict with their conditions when they cancel an image of bots, so getting them to help you is very difficult. 

So you can promote your secret erotic content in an adult traffic network with exclusive traffic for online adult ads

What is an adult traffic network?

Adult traffic networks are platforms or services that provide advertising solutions for individuals, businesses or websites that deal with adult content. These networks offer various advertising options, such as push notifications ads, banner ads, pop-ups, video ads… to help adult websites drive traffic to their sites and increase their revenue. 

Adult traffic networks typically work on a CPC (Cost-per-click) or PPI (Pay-per-impressions) basis, where advertisers pay a fee for each click or impression their ads generate. These networks may have specific policies and guidelines for the types of content that are allowed to be advertised on their platforms.

Push notifications to promote OnlyFans

Push ads are messages that pop up on a user’s mobile phone or desktop device. These little banners slide into view — whether or not your app or browser is open.

You can impact your customer with short and relevant information.

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging with users and keeping them coming back to your OnlyFans page. They can be highly effective at attracting new users for several reasons:

  1. Instant delivery: Push notifications are delivered instantly to users' devices, which means that they can quickly grab the attention of potential new users.
  2. Personalization: Push notifications can be highly personalized, allowing you to target users based on their interests, location, behavior, desktop, view text or images that convert better. This can help to make your messages more relevant and attractive to potential users.
  3. Timeliness: Push notifications can be timed to coincide with important events or offers, making them more likely to catch the attention of potential users.
  4. Frequency: Push notifications can be sent regularly, reminding users about your app or website and encouraging them to engage with your content.
  5. Convenience: Push notifications are easy to set up and require minimal effort from users, making them a convenient way to stay up-to-date with your content.

Overall, push notifications can be an effective way to attract new users to your Only Fans by engaging them with timely, personalized, and relevant content. However, it's important to use them strategically and avoid spamming users with too many notifications, which can lead to them unsubscribing or deleting your app.

If you’ve come this far, we present you Pushground, a platform where you can create your adult content push ads. If you want to know more about us we leave you some refencia links.

If you have any questions and want to start promoting your content with us, do not hesitate to contact us through the web chat or or send an email to, we will help you take the first steps!

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