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How I achieved 85.68% ROI by pop traffic

How I achieved 85.68% ROI by pop traffic

How I achieved 85.68% ROI with pop traffic


We’ve recently noticed a high interest in clients' case studies. You ask, we deliver! ❤️

Today let’s meet Mai Tran, one of our clients & affiliate marketing expert, who shared with us his experience running ads in Pushground. 

Update 2023: In Pushground we have opted to specialize in push and in push ads for their great results. Managing to be the best creation page for push ads.

Overall Results

Campaign Time Period: October 2021 - November 2021

Revenue: $630

Cost: $339.30

Profit: $290.70

ROI: +85.68%

Offer details 

Traffic platform: Pushground

Ad Type: Pop traffic

CPA Network: Zeydoo

Vertical: Sweepstakes

Country: MY (Malaysia)

Offer: iPhone 12 sweepstakes offer

Payout: $1.2

Tracker: Binom 

The Offer & GEO 

Malaysia is one of my favorite GEOs due to its high volume traffic. Sweepstake offers have proven to be high converting in this country, so that’s why I chose it. 

My Account Manager in Pushground, Irina, recommended this offer from Zeydoo. The conversion flow in this case is click2sms, which is an easier converting flow than the typical SOI conversion. 

The Landing Page 

For sweepstake offers I normally split-text between giftbox and spinning lander. 

However, this offer comes with an already built-in spinning lander, so I just had to directly link the offer without using any pre-lander. 

This one is the built-in lander that comes with this specific offer: 

As you can see, it’s a typical spinning wheel lander. I normally use gift box landers for sweepstake offers in Malaysia. However, this case study proves that spinning landers work well too! 

The campaign settings & optimization

I started this campaign with the recommended bid at the moment. You can use this Pushground tool for checking the current recommended and average bids in Pushground, as well as the competition level and estimated CTRs. 

What I normally do when running pop campaigns is starting the campaigns by blocking bad zones with the following rules. You can set up your own Automatic Rules in the campaign creation, or in your tracker. I normally set up those rules in my tracker (Binom), as the landing page CTR cannot be tracked in Pushground stats (however, it is planned as an upcoming feature!).

This is what I normally do when using my own landing pages. 

However, due to the fact that I’m directly linking to this offer (built-in lander), I did not implement these rules in this specific case. It made me a little worried due to the high number of bot nature in pop traffic.To my surprise, Pushgroud pop traffic quality ended up being really great, even though not being able to track the landing page stats.

Tracker stats 

As you can observe, the number of total bots detected by my tracker (Binom) is extremely low when compared to the number of impressions. 

In order to achieve the green 102.26% ROI, I implemented the following rules as well 

Seeing the potential of this campaign, I created a new one with a higher bid, which resulted in a much better performance. 

Conclusion & Biggest Challenges

I believe that the success of these 2 campaigns came from the fact that the traffic has good quality and a reasonable price. 

The biggest challenge I faced was at the beginning, because despite the offer converting really well, I had a high traffic loss that ate most of the profit. However, after some deep investigation, Irina recommended that I blacklist all high traffic lost zones. From that point, the campaign became stable and in green numbers. 

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