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The Guide for your iGaming push campaigns

The Guide for your iGaming push campaigns

The iGaming industry is growing dramatically - and it shouldn’t be underestimated. Its approximate net worth is around $40 billion, and more and more people are trying to get a foothold in the industry. 

It is not only a huge source of income but also a source of entertainment. Although today, we’re going to focus on the first point, that is, the profits that can be obtained from iGaming applied to digital advertising. This article then talks about how we can obtain an economic benefit in the industry. 

Although everyone can potentially benefit from this, today we are mainly targeting marketers who want to scale their business into the iGaming vertical.

In order to achieve it, there are several points that must be taken into account first, which we will develop below: 

  • What is iGaming? Everything you need to know
  • iGaming history recap 
  • Trends & Challenges shaping the iGaming industry 
  • A look to the future of iGaming 
  • How to effectively promote iGaming offers in Pushground

Let’s start! 

iGaming, or also known as gambling or betting, is often confused with gaming - not only in general but also by bloggers or digital marketers. 

We can define iGaming as a form of online entertainment where the main result of the game is pure luck or chance. 

These games include online casinos, all types of bets (sports, horses, etc), online poker and mobile betting. 

All of them can be found online without the need to go to a game room or physical casino away from home. But, how did we get to this point? 

Video games are nothing new - they have been around since the 1950s.

Conversely, the appearance of online gambling was not until recently. When we refer to the history of online gambling, it is common to mix the concepts of online and offline activities. Although they are so different, the name of online gambling comes from the offline gambling concept.

In this guide we are going to talk specifically about online gambling activities. The offline ones are completely different and we are not going to go into detail with them.

Around the year 1994 the first online iGaming site appeared, and that same year it was decreed that it was legal for companies, in Antigua and Barbuda, to own online casino sites all over the world. Since then there have been some updates in the market, both in the legal field as well as of job opportunities. 

One of the most prominent, in 2003, the birth of the iGaming website (as the number 888 is considered a sign of hope in Chinese culture). It is since then that the growth of this industry has been gradual.

Technical advancements

We can now say that the growth of iGaming has been able to take place thanks to all the technical advancements, as well as all those in web security, such as the SSL certificates, the industry has grown at a much faster rate.

It is extremely important to note that thanks to the development of mobile technology, iGaming has been able to establish itself. Years ago, the main device used for the consumption of technology and entertainment was the desktop, unlike now, where the greatest consumption happens in mobile devices, and that includes gambling activities.

Rise of hubs

Important legal changes in certain countries have also positively influenced the establishment of the igaming industry. 

Those countries (Gibraltar, UK, Malta, etc) usually have very welcoming policies for industries with stricter regulations in the rest of the countries. 

It is there where this industry has been able to grow and develop without hindrance.

iGaming in the United States

The role that the United States has played in the history of iGaming has been anything but easy. If one thing is clear, it is that the legal framework of the United States is already difficult enough, even more so for an industry like iGaming and the restrictions that it entails.

Some of the laws that affect iGaming are at the federal level, others are at the state level, and still others are specific to the protection of Native Americans, since they are authorised to own casinos.

The truth is that in the United States, iGaming platforms have had to be developed with all the traditionally interested parties, while in Europe they have been able to be developed independently, following the regulations of each country.

The outtake for digital marketers

One thing you always have to keep in mind, whether it's your offers or you act as a media buyer, is that before activating an iGaming campaign you have to check the laws of the country where you advertise, as well as the regulations of the publisher. It is very common for the legal framework to change continuously so it is very important to keep up to date.

As this forecast of future industrie’s net worth shows, the industry is expected to continue growing in the next few years. In order to do that, there will be some areas in which an improvement is going to be needed for having an optimal development. 

Find some of them mentioned below:


It is an industry that is already considered large, so its legal status will have to be resolved, since the pressures will be greater and there will be more interested parties. This is, for sure,  going to be one of the biggest challenges that the iGaming industry will face during the next few years. 

Popularity among young generations

Previously, the gambling industry was mainly aimed at millennials, but taking into account the technological progress of the industry and the generational change, the main target that the industry is facing now is the Gen-Z, who have already reached the minimum legal age to be able to carry out gambling activities.

Not only are they a new target due to age and consumption potential, but they also respond differently, and therefore must be approached from other points of view and perspectives. 

It is a generation that has grown up with the internet, so it is much more sensitive to marketing tricks and techniques. That presents an extra challenge for advertisers, as they will have to think about the best way to approach them.

Additionally, they are a generation with less income and therefore less likely to spend and less willing to take risks.

What this means is that there needs to be a change in the industry - whoever fails in this, surely will not be able to succeed in the iGaming industry. 

Here are some tips to follow when addressing the Gen-Z: 

  • The social aspect - for this generation, it is better to address the offers in a social and joyful purpose rather than a risky game. 
  • Company reputation - this generation is concerned with business and ethics, so try to approach them with one of these purposes. 
  • Attractiveness - Gen-Z is used to visually attractive video games and well designed internet websites, so take care of the visual part of your offer, landing pages and websites. Without a good looking advertisement, you will most likely have no chances of getting their attention. 
  • Device - most people in younger generations consume content on their smartphones rather than their laptops, which means you’ll need to target these devices. Not only is it a target matter, but also a mobile device optimization of your website or app.

Market saturation

Not only new potential players want to start in the iGaming world but also companies with profit opportunities, and this is positive for marketers as a bigger competition leads to increasing budgets.

As said before, if the marketers take all considerations into account and find the right target for this new generational audience, they have a gained spot in the industry.

As the iGaming industry continues to rise, different trends are going to shape how the industry develops. These trends in particular focus on the development of new technologies in order to guarantee a safer, faster and more attractive game.

Below we mention the main ones.


Blockchain technology is a globally distributed and universally trusted database. In a traditional model, an online casino has a disproportionate amount of power as it is the only one gaining a benefit from the transaction fees.But with blockchain technology, transaction fees are shared, thus generating more trust by empowering all network users.

The iGaming industry is not going unnoticed by blockchain as well as most other industries, so there is an opportunity for iGaming to embrace blockchain technology.


Everyone has heard of crypto - and from the point of view of someone that makes a revenue, crypto has some pros and cons: 


  • Payments are quick and are not subject to government control


  • The exchange rate fluctuates easily 

If the iGaming technology brings crypto payments, the number of people interested in it is going to grow, especially all those who are trying to avoid an authoritarian control over their spending.

Furthermore, it will make faster payments and the traditional banking system fees will be removed. 

Virtual reality

Is there a better opportunity than to be able to experience the experience of a traditional casino, but from the comfort of your living room? 

This is one of the opportunities that virtual reality has within the iGaming industry, especially in the younger generations, whom we can approach from more technological perspectives, rather than the traditional ones. 

iGaming is one of the most popular niches where push notifications are used - and in Pushground, we’ve proven that gambling and betting campaigns can work when very few requirements are met. 

Here’s some of the main points to keep in mind when creating iGaming campaigns: 

Implement the Pixel 

Push Ads do not provide essential user information, and that is why it’s essential to collect this information yourself - by implementing your Network’s pixel, you’ll be able to take full control of the engagement and track important events such as View Content

Remember that, the more data you have, the more you’ll know your visitors and the more accurate decisions you’ll be able to make. Pixel implementation is essential for optimal campaign optimisation.

Voluum Ad tracker provides you with everything you need for successful campaign tracking. Learn what Voluum can do for your iGaming business.

Most of the Advertising Networks have their own pixel, which works the same as the Facebook or Google pixels. The setup doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, you’ll just need to add a macro into your campaign URL. 

In Pushground you’ll be able to track the View Content event, which gives information about which sources have the best engagement rates. Generally speaking, a low Content View means a lower performance. As an indicator, Content View should be at least 70%, meaning that at least 70% of users landing on your landing page are fully loading it. Lower Content View rates translates to click loss. 

Use retargeting 

It is a good practice to target specific audiences that have previously interacted with your landing page. They will be more likely to perform the final action as they showed an interest before. You only need to integrate your Traffic Network’s pixel, as well as the 2S2 Postback. 

The system automatically starts collecting visitors into your audiences, and afterwards, you’ll be able to create new campaigns and target (exclude or include) different audiences, tailor made for you. 

Collect user information 

Collecting your visitor’s information is essential in order to reach them afterwards - one great idea is adding a form into your landing page to collect the visitor’s email address. 

The main goal of placing a form on your landing page is to collect leads, however, it is not as simple as it looks - visitors are not always set to leave their personal information, especially on the internet. The longer your form is, the less likely it will lead to leaving their information. 

Which means you’ll need to prioritise - which information is most important for you? 

In digital advertising, I’d tell you it’s the name and the email. 

Pro Tip: try to make your form as visible as possible - letters and colours need to be highlighted to catch the visitor’s attention! It must be placed in a visible side of the screen, without needing to scroll down. 

The CTA button colour must contrast the background and the whole landing page design, as your main goal is to provoke the user to fill in a form and click on the CTA button. Make sure the message is short and clear: claim your prize, play online.

Payout Models

As you might already know, in the affiliate marketing industry you earn commissions by promoting affiliate offers - but, the money you’ll earn can vary a lot depending on your payout model! 

Once you have your offer, you’ll notice that different payment methods will be available - you’ll know what your goal is and what you’ll get paid for.

There are lots of payout models, and here’s the ones we recommend for iGaming offers:

  • Cost Per Action (CPA). This is one of the most common payment methods in this industry, and makes you earn a commission each time the user performs a specific action, which is specified by the affiliate network. It is important not to perform clickbaiting actions in order to have a good quality of leads. 
  • Revenue Share (RevShare). This model is often used by affiliate networks and it is very popular for iGaming offers. You’ll receive a fixed percentage of the total profit of the site, made by the customers you brought. 

Use captivating titles & creatives

As always, you should keep in mind that capturing the visitor’s attention is essential in the first stage - to get the highest CTR possible. 

Titles and Descriptions

Our tips so you can achieve this goal are as follows: 

  • Call To Actions: you should always start your CTA with an imperative verb such as “get”, “win”, “take”, etc. 

Bet Now

Spin The Wheel 

Get Your Bonus 

Join Now 

Win The Jackpot

  • Use exact numbers: you will gain trust among visitors if you are precise: a # number of spins, a # amount of bonus, etc. 
  • Be direct: your message must be clear to the user. “Spin the wheel to win a prize”, “Multiply your wins” , “Test your luck”


When it comes to choosing images for your creatives, it is essential that your creative’s images match the style of the landing page for a greater credibility. 

You can always make screenshots of the landing page or search for images online - there are lots of options, from spinning wheels, to slot machines, or really anything that can catch the user’s attention. 

Colour plays a very important role in iGaming advertising, as bold colours are going to be more eye-catching for the visitor. 

Choose the correct targeting 

These are some of the common features that the most successful iGaming offers Pushground’s clients have: 

  • Classic Push traffic has proven to be highly effective for this vertical
  • 90% of the iGaming offers are targeting Smartphone devices instead of Desktop ones, and Smartphone traffic, for these offers, is way cheaper than for Desktop
  • It has proven to work better on Android, with a very small percentage coming from iOS 
  • +60 user freshness is the zone with more iGaming traffic volumes. However, user freshness from 0h to 2 days has proven to be the ones with the highest conversion rates
  • Asian countries such as IN, ID and VN are highly popular when it comes to promoting iGaming offers, which at the same time have much lower CPC rates than other countries, around 0,008. However, other countries belonging to Tier 1 and Tier 2, such as MX and the US, have proven to be highly successful in terms of conversions. In any case, it’s important to remember that these countries have higher CPC rates, so if you are starting with this vertical we highly recommend to start with Tier 2 or Tier 3 countries, and once you get the hang of it, it will be time to scale to higher ones! 

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