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Top Geos and Tips for Making Money with Dating Offers

Top Geos and Tips for Making Money with Dating Offers

Top Geos and Tips for Making Money with Dating Offers


Dear friends.

After the Instagram article and how to make money with it for free, it’s time to return to the media buying topic. Today we will continue an exciting topic we started some time ago, namely the one about Tier Countries. If you want to remind yourself of basic things like which countries fall into the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 groups, give it a quick read, and we're good to go.

Everyday we get questions about how to advertise in Tier 1 countries, what angles and landing pages to use, how much traffic costs there, and what budget to start with.

The truth is that there is no exact formula that will make your campaign in Tier 1 countries profitable.

Our suggestion is to test different approaches, keeping in mind the following essentials:

  1. Test at least two different types of different landing pages in your Tier 1 campaign
  2. Make sure you are well-versed in the customs, culture, currency, language, and all the other characteristics that distinguish one country from another. 

For example, the Norwegian krone is the official currency of the Kingdom of Norway, not the euro. Did you notice that Norway is a kingdom? Also, a quick Google research shows us Norwegians prefer to pay with debit or credit cards, not in cash. For this reason, those of you looking to launch nutra campaigns in Norway may want to try the CPS instead of the COD model. 

  1. Always use a translator who is from the country where you want to run a campaign and is a native speaker of the relevant language. Google Translate and other AI translators are good, but they are still far from capturing the nuances of translation, and sometimes nonsense results that can turn your campaign into a disaster.
  2. Never start a campaign targeting two countries, even if they speak the same language (often English). The campaign will likely fail because, even though they speak the same language, the traffic prices may be different, there will certainly be cultural differences, and what works in one country may not work in another.
  3. Recommended daily budget for a campaign in Tier 1 country is a minimum of $50-60 and in tier 2—$30-40 dollars. Here you can see the CPC price for each country, divided by the type of traffic – regular push traffic and premium.

What are Dating CPC Offers?

CPC (cost per click) affiliate programs are some of the easiest to implement. The term CPC is quite simple: it is the amount of money that advertisers pay affiliate marketers for each click that users make on the advertiser's ads or banners. Be clear that with the CPC you will achieve greater conversion and profit but what matters is the first impression, with which we are going to give you some tips to better create your campaigns.

How to increase CTR for dating offers

Push Ads in Dating

  1. Focus on messages for men: Start with preparing different creatives. According to our statistics, the audience is split approximately in favor of men. That’s why we recommend making creatives for dating focusing on men.
  2. Just one person talking to you: Girls on push notifications, pre-landing and landing pages should be similar to each other. It would be weird to see another girl's photo there if you are going to talk to a specific girl. 
  3. Think about generating emotions: loneliness, urge to communicate and get acquainted. Getting into the user’s mind will help you increase CTR.
  4. Use the correct icon: Select the icon of the messenger popular app in particular geo as an icon or the most used social media.

Top Geos for Making Money on Dating

Since many of you are working in the dating niche, together with at AdsEmpire, we decided to put together some quick tips on how to advertise dating offers in Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs to earn (more) money.

GEOS Australia

Age: Australia has a young population. TikTok is the most popular social network in the country because the average age of men is only 36 years old. 36-50 years is the ideal age for targeting your ad campaigns. The age of most dating sites that give high conversions is this one.

Niches: Mature, gay, black, and cougar – those are the best dating niches you should try. 

Device: When you target mobile, you will have bigger volumes with this Android OS because other devices are not as popular. 

GEO: We can recommend the best dating offers for this location Lustylocals, Seduceyou and Meetwild – $5,5 mob/$6,0 web

Geos New Zealand

Age: The average age here is 38, which is younger than in Europe. TikTok is the most popular social network. Android is the leading OS, with a 76% market share.

Location: here are three main regions in the country - Auckland, Christchurch, and Hamilton

Niches: The niches we recommend are milf and mature.

Geo: The best dating offers we can recommend for this area Together2night, Seduceyou and Juicylocalgirls – $4,0 mob/$4,5 web

Geos Canada

Age: The most popular social network here is TikTok. Canada has a younger population than Europe. The average age of men in Canada is 40 years old.

Device: Eighty-five percent of people in the country use mobile devices. The most popular OS is Android, with a market share of around 64% 

Niches: The main dating niches in Canada are milf and mature.

Location: The main cities are Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Offers: The best dating offers we can think of for this Geo Iamnaughty, Hottiematch, Naughtytime – $2,5 mob/ $3,0 web.

Geos cpc Japan

Japan is different from other countries in Asia.

Age: Twitter is the most popular social network in Japan. The majority of users of dating sites in Japan are under the age of 25. It's better to focus on the average age of 35-50 years to get more paying users. 

Device: For example, the use of mob and web platforms is equal here, and Apple, with its iOS, is the most popular device.

Location: The Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu regions are the most solvent regions of Japan.

Offers: The best dating offers that we can recommend for this Geo are Japanhotties, Matchx2, OneNightFriend – $5.0 web/mob

Geos France

Age: The popularity of niches is affected by the average age of the French, which is over 40 years old. Our advice is to start with mature and cougar offers.  The male population of France is older than the female population.

Device: 75% of the devices used in France are with the Android OS.The most popular social network is TikTok. 

Location: Paris, Marseille, and Lyon are the main cities of the country.

Offers: The best dating offers that we can recommend for France and Baiselibre, Rdvlocal, Rdvtorride – $3,5 mob/$4,0 web

geos italy & spain

Age: These two European regions have a lot in common, including close proximity, similar languages and temperaments, and similar user characteristics. Even though the average age of the population is 45, the vast majority of users prefer mobile devices to computers.

Niches: The dating niches that are popular in a country usually match the size of its adult population. Our advice is to try milf and mature niches in both countries. 

Device: The most popular social network in Spain and Italy is TikTok.

Location: In Italy, the most important cities are Roma, Milano, and Romano Canavese. 

In Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Offers For Italy, we would recommend these offers Senzapudore, Flirtsenzalimiti – $2,5 mob/$2,75 web.

Offers for Spain geos: The most profitable offers for Spain: Contactosrapidos, Iwantu, Relacionesmaduras – $2,5 mob/web

Pro-tip: no matter the GEO, always test at least two offers. Sometimes the results can be surprising. 

If you have any doubts or difficulties, you can always ask our account managers, no matter which GEO you choose to launch your campaign.

See you next time. Stay profitable!

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