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19 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Tools of 2021

19 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Tools of 2021

Let’s face it no run is running their campaigns without using any tools to help them perform better.

Every great media buyer or affiliate has their own tools which they can attribute a lot of their success to. As many of us know, it’s not about just working hard but working smart. Having the right tools at your fingertips can help you save time and money or allow you to radically improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We compiled this list to share our favorite must-have marketing tools (free and paid) with you and to help you find more ways to improve the performance of your push ad campaigns.

Affiliate Trackers

If you have been in the game long, you know that an affiliate is only as good as his affiliate trackers. Although we provide you with all the data you need, most advertisers have various accounts in half a dozen different ad networks. Trackers allow you to compile all this information in one spot to make your life easier and allow you to make decisions faster.

Now there are a ton of different trackers out there and instead of showing you all of them, we decided to show you only our favorites but a couple of honorable mentions are adsbridge, Thrivetracker, Kintura, Landingtrack and Clickervolt (Free).


Voluum is definitely one of the biggest, most popular, and oldest trackers on the market. It is an amazing cloud-based tracker that has everything you need to succeed.  Recently they have started to release auto-optimization features which can be a huge time saver when your running dozens of campaigns.

starting from $69/month

bonus: save up to 45% off your first year.


With their clean interface, granular reporting, and advanced automation, Redtrack helps media buyers and affiliates to get better returns on their investments. They are a great comprehensive tracker but with a more moderate price.

starting from $49/month

Bonus: Use PUSHGROUND to get 25% off your first 3 months.


This cloud-based tracking solution has the complete set of tools to run your ad campaigns in the most efficient way including faster redirect speed, advanced traffic distribution system, friendly support. We recommend Bemob to anyone starting out because they offer 100,000 events per month free then from there they keep their price modest.

Starting from $0/month

Bonus: Use PUSHGROUND50 to get a $50 bonus on all pricing plans.

Funnel flux

Funnel Flux is a tracking software that lets users visually build their tracking, allowing for easy creation of complex and powerful funnels without complicated coding. Funnelflux also offers self-hosting tracking which is great if you need privacy or running a bunch of traffic and can manage backend server installations and optimization.

Starting from $99/month

Bonus: 10% off their self-hosted plan

Spy tools

Using affiliate spy tools you can quickly compare your ads to thousands of ads from your competitors. This becomes invaluable when you enter into a new niche or are lacking creative inspiration. Not only can you see what is most profitable but you can also modify and download the top-performing ads and landers to run them yourself.


Adplexity is one of the biggest spy tools out there and offers mountains of data on your competitors. They break it down into 8 different plans which include: Mobile, Desktop, Native, Push, Ecommerce, Carriers, Adult, and Enterprise. Each plan costs around 200$ so they aren’t cheap the insights you can drive with them is much more valuable.

Pricing: $149-$249


Anstrex is another great tool for spying on the competition but at a more modest price. One handy feature that helps them stand out is their speedy in-line editor. It allows you to effortlessly edit the landers of your competitors, swapping images text and links before copying it and using it for your own. They offer plans for Native, Push, and dropshipping.

Pricing: $59


Spypush is a spy tool focused solely on push ads. They give you a lot of data on your competitors but what we love most about them is that you can easily analyze your competitors’ funnels. They are also very modestly priced.

Pricing $49

Campaign automation

Although Pushground offers a variety of campaign automation features, there are some third-party companies that do it as well. The advantage with third-party optimizers is that they can optimize simultaneously across various traffic sources as well as auto-optimizing a rotation of landing pages. This can save time if you are repeatedly making the same rules across different platforms. Recently, there has been a lot of trackers that have started to offer full campaign automation feature including Voluum, Redtrack and Landingtrack.


TheOptimizer is a cloud-based campaign management and automation platform that allows online marketers to manage and automate their routine optimization tasks across native, push, and adult traffic networks. Its the key to success for a lot of successful affiliates.

Starting from $99 a month

Bonus: use PUSHGROUND to get your first month free

Land page tools

Now there are many ways to make a website but landing page builders come are useful when you need to make a lot for all your different offers.  Additionally, when its easier to change your landers you end up optimizing your landing pages resulting in better-converting pages. The landing page builders we mention below also provide their own site hosting allowing you to focus more on your campaigns rather than figuring out how to host your sites.


Instapages is a powerful page builder that allows you to quickly create tones of eye-catching landing pages. They also covert the hosting so you don’t have to worry about it (their landing pages load fast too). Instapages provides you with valuable insights on page performance including heatmaps along with A/B testing find the best landing page.

Starting at $199/month


Fast load speeds, seamless integrations with trackers, and multi-variation split testing are what sets landerbolt apart from the rest. You can quickly tell that landerbolt was built for affiliates. We also love their universal page importer where you just input the URL and start editing.

Starting at $97/month


Landingi Is a simple powerful page builder that allows you to easily make countless landing pages but at a more modest cost. It also makes analyzing, optimizing, and automating a breeze.

Starting at $49/month

Ad creative and image design tools


If you lack the creative ability or tools to create your own eye-catching creatives, we recommend you check out Canva. It is a free editing software with many cool editing tools and endless templates. It is remarkably useful when you need to create a tone of ad creatives.

Price: Free

Yandex images

One great place to find some more visually appealing images is from Yandex images. We don’t know why but this Russian version of google produces high-quality photographer styled photos. You can also set the size as a filter to find those amazing icon photos.

Price: Free


Images on a landing page that are not properly optimized can drastically affect the speed of your landing pages. There are a lot of image compression softwares out there but we have found Tinyping to be the best because it has one of the best compression rates while not altering the color of the image.

Price: Free

Copywriting tools

After the image, you have the content.  Without the right message, you will never be able to bring your campaigns to their optimal performance. But like most affiliate, we are more analytical and are always trying to quantify things.

CoSchedule’s Headline analyzer

This is a great tool to quantify the emotional value of your headlines. Using it will help ensure your headlines are powerful which in turn will help you drive a higher CTR on your ads.  

Price: free


Grammarly is a free grammar correction tool but does provide some nice insight into your overall writing feel. Now it wouldn’t be much helpful for headlines but if you need to write longer content it can help you write more convincing content with the style you are looking for. It also has a powerful plagiarism check if you are writing for SEO too.

Domains & hostings

While often grazed over by affiliate marketers, these 2 core components are an essential part of every website.

The domain or name of your website points to where it can be found on the internet similar to a house’s physical address. Domain names have become very important to the SEO and trustability of your website.

Hostings are the physical computers that store your site information making it available upon request from your visitors. Contrary to popular belief, you can just magically upload all your website’s data to “the internet” and expect it to be available for everyone. It has to be hosted by a physical computer and depending on the power of the computer, it can be really fast or not.

With all the hosting and domain providers out there it is easy to get lost so to make it simple these are our favorites and why we like them.


While it may not be as cheap as big hosting names like Bluehost or HostGator, SiteGround makes up for it with performance. One big difference between SiteGround and its competitors is that they run your website on solid-state drives compared to hard drives making them much faster and the faster your site, the better conversion rate you will have.


While you can buy the same domain from a huge list of domain vendors, Namecheap, as its name suggests, is one of the cheapest places to find domains. While it might just save you 10 or 20 dollars a year, Namecheap will get you the best price for your next domain.


When you are running offers for a specific geo, you often need to be inside that country to see the offer. VPNs or virtual proxy networks allow you to see the offers as if you were in that country.


We use Luminati for our own personal VPN needs. They have one of the largest inventories of available proxy servers and with their chrome extension, they make it very easy to use.

Final words

The affiliate marketing industry is constantly evolving into a more complicated and complex world. There more and more things that every marketer must be on top of and these affiliate tools allow us to effortlessly yet effectively perform everything we need to do in a quick and efficient manner.

We also wanted to mention that the greatest affiliate tool is often the most overlooked, your account manager. Their sole job is to help you make money and they are equipped with inside statistics and years of experience in helping marketers improve their ad campaigns. The best part is they are free! Unlike other ad networks, we give importance to everyone on our platform, not just those that spend 5k a week so take advantage of it.

Don’t just work hard, work smart. With the right tools at your disposal, you can rake in the real money like a super affiliate while still having some time to relax by the beach.

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