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Advertising in the Metaverse

Advertising in the Metaverse

Hi there, dear reader! 

What if we told you that you can make good money in the Metaverse? 

Whether you're new to the affiliate marketing world or you already have experience, you've probably read or tried promoting different offers through Facebook yourself. 

The ones who already tried dating or sweepstakes offers, for example, know how tricky they can get - but, on the other hand, you can also get ROI above 100%. That’s the reason why many affiliate marketers keep persisting in promoting these kinds of offers on Facebook, even though it’s even trickier there - you’ll constantly need new accounts, credit cards, domains, different software, not to mention time and funds.

During the 2021 last quarter, Facebook announced that several important changes will be made. In the first place, the company was rebranded as Meta (which doesn’t affect us as affiliate marketers). But, most importantly, they announced a launch of Metaverse (and this fact specifically does affect us as marketers and media buyers). 

First, let's see where the term Metaverse comes from. 

It first appeared in 1992 in the science fiction short story Snow Crash and is used as a collective for "meta" and "universe". 

The first virtual Metaverse appeared in 2003 - the virtual world platform Second Life is often described as the first Metaverse as it incorporated many aspects of social media into a persistent three-dimensional world with the user represented as an avatar. 

Later, Dave Baszucki created the Roblox platform - a multiplayer game that has been described as a Metaverse and has since employed significant usage of the term in marketing.

Some other successful examples of Metaverse prototypes include games such as Active Worlds, The Palace, and Fortnite.

The hardware needed to enjoy the experience offered by a Metaverse - a computer or smartphone with a reasonably powerful CPU and a video processor, as well as virtual reality gear. 

For the moment, there is no beaten path to follow yet, and not many affiliate marketers are advertising in the Metaverse, but here are a few ideas that can help you find a niche that will allow you to make money. 

Gear - you can advertise VR goggles that are compatible with the Metaverse.

Starting your own blog/video blog is a good idea, since you can compare different models of VR goggles and advise users on what to buy, and in return receive a commission from the manufacturer and/or retailer. 

The choice is yours - you can advertise products with SEO (the slower way) or with paid traffic (the faster way). If you choose to use paid traffic, keep in mind that you must use a landing page that warms up the user and explains to them why they should purchase this particular type of augmented reality glasses. 

Our recommendation for paid traffic is to combine SEA (search engine ads)  with push ads and be sure to do research on which keywords to target for your SEA campaign.

Since a bigger budget will be needed here, here’s an alternative for those with a low budget - wait a little while for CPL sweepstakes offers to appear for VR gear - there will surely be quite a few of them soon for affiliate marketers to choose from. You can use the same approach - SEA traffic combined with push ads -  to advertise video processors that are powerful enough to support Metaverse graphics. 

The plans of the Facebook Metaverse are to have more widespread use of NFTs in the near future, which means additional money-making opportunities. If you still have no idea what exactly NFTs are, check out our latest article. Making money with NFTs published by Metaverse shouldn't be much different from making money from NFTs on other platforms - you might be able to sell and/or buy unique items for your virtual avatar - clothes, accessories, jewellery, etc, as Facebook says: Our goal is to provide a way for as many players as possible to build a business in the Metaverse.

There will be more clarity on this soon, so best to just wait a little longer and see how the NFT trade in the Metaverse plays out.

In the meantime, let's look at some more ways to actually profit in the Metaverse. 

You can play various games like virtual poker or blackjack and earn cryptocurrencies. For the time being, this model is not very popular yet, but there will probably be a boom of such virtual casinos very soon.   

For us, as affiliates and media buyers, it will be more interesting how we will actually be able to advertise these virtual casinos, as well as what type of offers will be there - CPA, CPL, or rev-share. From our perspective, there won’t be much change and we will most likely promote CPA offers and get paid our commissions in cryptocurrency. 

Another interesting idea is to buy a property in the Metaverse and then rent it out - the tenant will pay you to put his advertising on your property. And where can you buy virtual land? Currently, the most prominent marketplace for properties in the Metaverse is Decentraland

Another great idea for monetising your plot in the Metaverse is advertising a Youtube channel, promoting an offline business that you’ll get paid for, or simply reselling your property at a higher price.  

Even at the moment, you have quite a few options, and as the Metaverse develops and more people invest in it, those options will increase, as will the profits. 

Promoting games is another way to make a place for yourself in the Metaverse world - some of the most well-known "traditional" games at the moment are: Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft - all of them have versions for Android, iOS, and PC. If you prefer to promote NFТ-based games, no problem: you can look for offers for games like Ex-Populous, AcknoLedger, Ex-Populous. 

Naturally, it's advisable to look out for new titles coming out soon that might be of interest to gamers in the metaverse - if you're one of the first to promote a new hit title, and you do it with the right approach, big profits are guaranteed!

And, talking about games - do you know what else you can do? 

Yes, you can play the games yourself. The truth is, you're unlikely to win much, but it's good as a sort of start.

How does it work? It's simple - you get paid to watch ads or mine cryptocurrency while you play games. 

What's the potential profit? Very tentatively, between $200 and $1000 per month, but it all depends on how much of your time you invest in a game and its terms. 

If you've ever dreamed of becoming an influencer but haven't found the right niche, maybe now is the right time - stream live while exploring the Metaverse and uncovering its secrets, or just play games and show off some live hacks to your followers on Twitch or Bigo Live. 

There’s also the possibility of becoming a brand ambassador - you can promote a brand with affiliate links, and the specifics of the Metaverse give you unique chances and tools that will help you make money. 

As you can see, there are multiple ways to make money in the Metaverse - let’s be realistic - at the moment this virtual world is more or less a reflection of our physical world and is subject to the law of supply and demand. As long as there is demand for all sorts of digital products from NFTs to costumes for users' avatars and even their pets, there will be supply, and therefore, there will be opportunities to make money from it. 

Judging by the initial interest with which the Metaverse has been met, there is a huge amount of interest from investors, corporations, and end-users, which is why it is probably worth the time and effort we will put in to explore possible ways to make money from the Metaverse.  

It's all too likely that the Metaverse will be the next big thing in affiliate marketing because the possibilities are truly endless - from opening a gallery and selling NFTs to becoming a real estate broker in the Metaverse and making money from commissions as an intermediary between buyer and seller or between owner and advertiser. 

You know very well that usually, those who are the first in a business or niche make the most money, so don't hesitate too long because someone might beat you to it - make a plan, research well the niche you want to enter, set a budget that will cover your initial and monthly expenses in the Metaverse and start your business there. 

Good luck! 

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