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How to reach iOS devices with in-page push

How to reach iOS devices with in-page push

Hi there, 

You already know that in Pushground, we give it all with push ads - but, do you know that in-page push is another vertical thriving in our platform? 

Today I’ll tell you more about this vertical. In-Page push or Web Push are little pop-up windows that appear in the user’s browser when they are online, and, unlike the original push, there’s no need for a subscription. The anatomy of the In-Page Push ads are the title, the description and the 192x192 pixel icon

Why should you try in-page push? 

In some cases, In-Page Push can be more effective than classic push. 

  1. Future Google Chrome updates will not affect this format - because of its nature, In-Page Push ads are very similar to banners, and everybody can see them, not only the ones that are previously subscribed. 
  2. They’re visible on every OS - which is a great advantage, as iOS users can receive and view these ads, in the same way as the Android owners. We all know that’s not possible when talking about classic push ads. 
  3. Easy to scale - obviously with this ad format, you can scale the profitable campaigns faster and easier than with push, as their nature is not limited.  
  4. Fresh & new audience constantly - in every new ite, the visitor will see your ad, not only the subscribed ones but all of them - this greatly increases your reach. 
  5. The site’s visitors know where the In-Page notification comes from, and you can use it to craft more trust into your prospect. 
  6. When buying on a CPC model, it is easy to calculate your costs.
  7. In-page push ads are cheaper than original push traffic - for example, the max bid in the US for the in-page click is $0.3110 and $0.4015 for the classic push click. 
  8. In-page push ads CTR is sometimes much bigger than the classic push, as it’s a newer format than push, and lots of users are already familiar with the classic push ads. For example, in the US, we can see a 1.81% CTR for in-page push, against a 0.50% CTR for classic push.

To be honest, we can’t think of any serious shortcomings of in-page push ads, and, that is the reason why you should start a campaign and test this traffic type ASAP. 

These previous articles will help you to start your first in-page push campaign: 

If you're already familiar with the creation of the original push ads campaigns, don’t worry - the in-page push creation is almost the same - the only big difference here is the user freshness selection, which doesn’t exist in the in-page push targeting. 

If you’re going to create a campaign on our platform for the first time, you should know it is very easy and intuitive, but if any questions pop in your mind, please be free to ask your personal account manager. You’ll receive any help you need. 

For in-page push campaigns, we recommend to run SOI offers from the following verticals: 

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Casino & Gambling - here, you can also try CPS offers, although they require a higher budget in order to make multiple optimisations, so it’s not indicated for complete newbies.
  3. Antivirus offers - you can find them easily - most of them are a magnificent start for new media buyers, and they are simple to convert. 
  4. Mainstream dating offers - again, they are an exceptional choice to start with, especially the SOI ones. 


  1. DON’T use old blacklists from previous classic push campaigns - even though both formats look similar, they come from different sources, so one classic push blacklist will not be suitable for an in-page push blacklist. If you have questions, better ask your personal account manager, they can provide you with a whitelist. 

  1. Give a second chance to your old winning creatives, the ones you might have stopped because of the banner blindness - in-page push is a different format and for sure a lot of targeted users will be unfamiliar with these proven creatives that already brought you conversions and money. 
  2. Set up different campaigns for Android and iOS offers. This one is really important, you’ll save money. It’s very likely that the CPAs are different across OS, so you will be paying different prices for each campaign. 
  3. Use frequency capping options when creating in-page push campaigns. Start with 1 impression for every 24h, and if you feel like volumes are not enough, then switch to 2/24 or 3/24. 

  1. Use advanced targeting options - for example, when targeting Android users, you can exclude/include specific versions. Same with iOS and Windows. 
  2. Do not forget to set up a daily budget for your campaign: 

  1. Use our Auto-Optimization by creativity tool - it is a built-in solution that will send traffic only to the creatives that have conversions, and will save you a lot of money. Please note it requires having a properly S2S postback and send a correct data to us:

  1. Run Mainstream and Adult traffic sources on different campaigns. Remember you can scale a mainstream campaign on adult (VPN, antivirus, casino) if it is not against the advertiser’s rules, but you can’t run adult dating on mainstream sources because it is against our rules:

That was all for today!

We wish you good luck with your in-page paid campaigns and let the profit be with you 

Stay safe!

See you next week

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