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Top 11 Marketing Tools for Every Business & Budget

Top 11 Marketing Tools for Every Business & Budget


dear friends.

We all know that affiliate marketing and media buying are complex businesses. 

Luckily for us, there are many tools that help us and make our life easier. Some of them are paid, others are free, and in the lines below, we will give you links, tips and tricks on how to use them.

Paid Tools


Trackers are essential tools for media buyers - without them, it's near impossible to optimize properly - they save you time, and money and give you the data you need fast. 

Keitaro Tracker

We have mentioned this excellent tracker a lot in our previous articles, but let's explain to you why it is so great:

1. Keitaro tracks any type of traffic: not only clicks from the Tracker URL but also organic traffic coming to your site, including all incoming parameters like keyword or search_engine. This makes it a perfect solution for SEO guys.

2. It can work with local landings without any external redirects. Upload them via zip archives into the tracker and edit the code through our built-in editor - this is convenient when you want to change something on your landing pages fast.

3. Fast Split-Testing - Run A/B testing of streams/landings/offers to find the most profitable bundle - it’s perfect for media buyers who are working with a lot of landing pages, creatives, etc.

4. Traffic simulation - The built-in traffic simulation tool will help you test your funnel and see if all flows and filters are working the way you want them to - the fastest way to test your landing pages and see if there is anything wrong. 

5. Choose an action for your traffic flow - If you do not want to show a landing page to your visitor, you can choose one of the built-in actions, such as to show a 404 page or output an HTML container - this is useful if you want to hide your landing pages for the competitors. 

Keitaro’s basic plan starts from only $25/per month - an affordable price for all media buyers, even the new ones. 

Voluum Tracker: 

Voluum is a self-hosted tracker with a lot of functionalities:

1. Automizer - is a new Voluum feature that allows you to connect Voluum with your traffic sources via API integration and perform various actions on your campaigns - change bids, create auto-rules, auto-update your traffic source’s cost, etc.

2. Traffic Distribution AI - this feature Saves time and easily increases the performance of your push ads campaigns 

3. Anti-Fraud Kit - it detects sources of bot traffic. With its help, you will stop wasting money on suspicious traffic and maintain good relationships with offer owners.

4. Voluum Mobile App - access your campaigns anywhere, anytime. Keep all your relevant data at hand. Get campaign notifications to take action instantly.

5. Impression tracking - track ad impressions (each time your ad is loaded on a page). If you are buying on a CPM base, you will be happy with this feature. 

Voluum prices start from $89 per month for the basic plan (that does not include traffic Distribution AI and the Anti-Fraud Kit) and finish at $299 per month with all features included. 

Spy tools:

An important part of every affiliate marketer is to keep eye on his or her competitors. Here is where the spying tools enter the game.

Anstrex Spy Tool

If you choose Anstrex Spy Tool, you will receive access to many features:

1. More Ad networks - You will find more push ad networks than any spy tool. These include all the major global players as well as region-specific niche networks - now data creative’s obsessed media buyers can be happy.

2. More countries - Anstrex has data from countries that are interested for affiliate marketers. They use high-quality residential proxies to obtain the most accurate data. 

3. A multitude of filters and sorting options - filter ads quickly by using various filters such as Ad-network, Category, Country, Device, Affiliate Network, Tracking Tools, etc. Sort the ads by popularity, duration, dates, etc.

4. Keyword Searches - For more precise targeting, use keyword searches in combination with filters. You can even search foreign language ads using English keywords.

5. Rip & Download - Scrape any landing page using their built-in downloader. 

6. Rapid Deployment on Server - Upload your customized lander directly on your server via FTP or deploy it on the AWS S3 bucket. No need to download anything on your PC! 

In case you have missed it, our full guide on how to spy on your competitors with tips from Anstrex’s experts, is here

On the screenshot below, you will see the Anstrex plans and prices:


AdPlexity spying tool offers those features to the affiliates:

1. They are bringing information from 75 countries

2. User-friendly interface that will let you make detailed searches to find successful campaigns in seconds.

3. Real-time spying - they guarantee the data shown in the tool is 100% real-time, right up to the second.

4. AdPlexity offers 10% discount for every new user - the price is $129 for AdPlexity Push 


AdPeriscope is a product from the Anstrex creators, but it's made especially for the adult industry. The tool cover all big adult traffic networks, 56 countries and over 152 carriers (it is useful if you want to run adult pin submit offers)

Some of the AdPeriscope features:

1. Find the banners you need using keywords

2. The largest banner pool in the adult industry

3. Sort your data by duration, ad-strength, date-seen & Alexa rank of the landing page

4. All other features that Anstrex has

The price of Adperiscope is only 89.99 per month

Anti-detect Browsers


AEZAKMI is an anti-detection browser for safely working with multi-accounts, media buying and affiliate marketing.

Aezakmi benefits:

1. Easy Setup - Create a new fingerprint in 5 clicks. Quick access from the desktop. Simultaneous work with multiple fingerprints. Transfer cookies fingerprint to any AEZAKMI user for teamwork. Simultaneous work in one AEZAKMI account from several computers.

2. It’s created mainly to run Facebook ads - the creators are experienced media buyers, so they know what a media buyer needs and the tool definitely makes Facebook ads buying easily.

3. Perfect technical support - guys will help you to solve any issue that you have with their product.

Below are the Aezakmi price plans:

Free Tools

MyLead’s HideLink:

The HideLink tool consists of several elements. One of them is the so-called “white page”. In other words, a safe page is the MyLead user’s landing page - the landing page or website that everyone who clicks on the link promoted by the publisher first goes to. To be able to use HideLink you need your own domain and hosting. If a bot goes the link you promote, it remains on the “white page”. The real user is redirected to the specific advertiser's landing page or website - the “money page”. So there is no contact with your safe page. 

These are the advantages of the HideLink:

1. Dealing with bots: Your traffic source has too many bots and AI moderators? HideLink can successfully solve this problem. Thanks to the built-in protection against fraud, it allows you to quickly identify suspicious behavior and react in a timely manner. Eliminating traffic generated by bots increases the chances of conversion and your campaign will live longer even on sources like Facebook and Tik Tok.

2. Saving money: You don't need any other external tools to bypass social media bans. MyLead gives you everything for free. In addition, thanks to the protection against bots, you can potentially reduce your paid advertising expenses - once you identify the zones with bots you can blacklist them. 

3. Work automation: According MyLead people using HideLinks achieve 30% higher ROI than the marketers who dont use it. That's a lot, isn't it? Work automation means greater efficiency of activities, which translates into profit.




Canva is a powerful free-to-use online graphic designer tools. Use it to create high converting ads for your paid push campaigns. Canva is very easy to use, so even a complete beginner can create ads in minutes. 

Canva’s benefits:

1. Create social media posts, presentations, infographics, websites, reports, posters, flyers and signage for free

2. Access to more than 420 000 templates

3. More than 75 million images

4. Over 3000 fonts to choose from


GIMP is a wonderful alternative to Photoshop, and the best part is it’s free. GIMP is a cross-platform software that means it’s available for Windows, Linux and macOS. 

If you want to resize or do fast, simple editing on your push ads images, GIMP is the best tool for you. 

A nice selection of tutorials is also available on their site - check it, and you will be surprised how powerful is this free tool.


TinyPNG is an online tool for smart image optimization and compression. It uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your WEBP, JPEG and PNG files. Use it to reduce the size of your landing page’s images.

TinyPNG has a very intuitive interface. Just drag & drop the images to want to compress, and you are ready:

Pingdom website speed test

This is self-explanatory - use it to measure your landing page speed loading and after the test is done you will receive some advice on how to improve your landing page speed performance.

Friends, that was all for today. If you have  questions about more paid or free tools that will help you to increase the ROI and EPC, contact us. Till then - stay profitable and never give up. See you soon

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