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How to Advertise in the Summer Season

How to Advertise in the Summer Season

Hi there!

Let’s talk about advertising & media buying during the summer season.

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is coming in a few days, which means it’s a great moment to think about making more money with affiliate marketing.

We love the summer - time for holidays, the sea, parties, trips and fun with friends! 

But it’s also a time where people think about renovating their homes, setting new goals or buying new clothes. 

Push Ads offer ideas for the Summer

Weight Loss products

Our advice is to start with weight loss products! 
Now it is the perfect time to promote them - lots of people want to look healthier and in better shape when it’s summer, so take this chance. 

We have some evidence that, for push ads, amateur bodies perform better than professional ones. 

Test the Storytelling Method in your landing pages - the Monomyth method is worth a try: 

“Hello, I’m Bella from Italy. I want to share my story with all of you and help other people who have problems with their weight. For years, I tried all sorts of methods for weight loss - diets, exercise, and expensive hormonal treatments that did not help. I was depressed and lonely.  In the summer, when all my friends were having fun on the beaches of my hometown, I was sitting at home watching TV and slowly but surely going crazy. Quite by accident, I came across an ad for a product that changed my life - a completely harmless and natural food supplement that helped me lose weight in just two months - then I started going to the gym to tighten my muscles and gain weight and have this body you see right now. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to all women who want to have a perfect body, feel good, and have a healthy life”.

Don’t like this approach? Find other storytelling methods in this article

And of course, you can use your own angles and emotional triggers to sell weight-loss products. 

Fitness Products

Another interesting target are fitness maniacs - people who want to build muscle mass. 

It’s a great target for muscle building - products like Tribulos Terresting, Creatine, different types of proteins, etc. 

For these offers landing pages you can try another storytelling method - the Mountain method. 

“Hello, my name is John from London, United Kingdom. Last summer, I was diagnosed with Covid-19. Thanks to my healthy body, I survived the disease, but at a terrible price - I lost 20 kg. by weight. I used to be full of muscle because I trained regularly, but after Covid-19 I didn't have the strength for any training. I was looking at my old photos and thinking about how I would never have the same body again. Coincidentally, a friend we trained with before recommended this product to me to help my muscles rebuild - even with less intense workouts. I started taking it and in just two months I regained about 83% of my previous muscle mass and I plan to be in top shape for the summer”.

Dating Ads

Want something easier? Promote one of the evergreen verticals - dating

Doesn't matter, whether mainstream or casual - both convert excellent with push ads. 

We have plenty of documentation that shows how to promote dating ads with success, check them here! 

How to push in Valentine’s Day 

Dating Ad Strategies 

Affiliate marketer’s guide to dating 

Some quick reminders when promoting push ads on Pushground: 

  • Use amateur pictures rather than professional/stock ones.
  • In the case you’re using a “question” landing page, cut the questions to a maximum of four and make sure they aren’t on the offer’s landing page already.
  • Test the “summer” angle - something like, “meet your lover this summer” or “It’s Summer and your dream partner is waiting for you”, for dating mainstream campaigns. An excellent angle for adult dating campaigns is “Summer Hook-ups” or “Casual Summer fun with sexy women”.
  • Don’t be too aggressive when promoting casual dating - test some creatives with girls wearing sexy swimsuits, not completely naked - make your visitors curious.


If you’re not into the dating offers, sweepstakes are also a great option during the summer season:

We like this push ad creative - it is simple, clean, and tells everything - a visitor will receive a $750 summer gift card. Test similar creatives, find the best ones, and bank hard with sweepstakes and our push ads.  

Use the same landing pages as always - the spin wheel and quiz ones, and try adding different colours and make them more appropriate for the summer. 


Are you into fashion? Selling clothes is also indicated during summer! 

Some advice on how to sell clothes:

  • Pictures with women usually perform better
  • Try to use photos in which the models make eye contact with the user
  • Focus on the product you sell, as the advertiser did on the right picture
  • Use powerful words like “sale”, “discounts” “limited time” etc.

Health & Beauty 

Health & Beauty is also an affiliate vertical that makes good money - people want to look good during all year but especially during the warmest months! 

Split test “shocking images” like those above versus more regular ones - the results may vary because of many reasons - audience, products, targeting, etc, and this way you’ll be able to check which angle performs the best.

For the landing pages, test the Petal Structure method: 

“An anti-aging product is the most famous one in {country}. It helps women in their fifties to look way younger and sexier. The first story is about Olga, a 46-year-old single mom who used the product for only 13 days and immediately saw results. The second story is about Maria, a 49-year-old woman who spent a lot of money on other anti-ageing products trying to look younger, without any result. Now she’s using only {the product} and she is happier than ever! Another satisfied customer is Victoria, a 47-year-old mother of a 20-year-old daughter. As you can see from the photos below [attach proof image], there’s no difference in how their skin looks - if you don’t know that they’re mother and daughter, you would have thought they’re sisters. The final story is about Aleksandra, a 57-year-old woman who wanted an anti-aging surgery, but now she tried {the product} and she stopped wanting the surgery. 

Now, you have some social proof that this cream is a must-buy - and, only for your readers, you can buy it with a huge summer discount in the next 2 days”

What colours should you use for your summer creatives? (both for your creatives and landing pages)

Pastel colours are always a good idea - they allow for other prominent elements such as text and action buttons to stand out in the foreground, while still providing a warm and cheery presence to the user. Choose from a variety of pastel pinks, yellows, mint, blue, and lavender. One thing to keep in mind is, that if not combined with the appropriate elements and colours, pastels can appear bland and unexciting. Be sure to accommodate a brighter accent colour or an interesting font when opting for a pastel palette.

And which is a good GEO to start testing? 

Of course, the ones where you will find higher volumes: The United States of America, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic. 

We gathered a series of offers with high conversion rates and EPC’s for your summer campaigns - check those here from MyLead affiliate network

Supreme Flirt - DE - Mobile - SOI mobile dating offer that shows promising results with push ads.

Pro-tip: use a native translator for your creatives, do not trust Google Translate at 100%

Sexy Fans - UK, US, NZ, AU, IE, DK, CA - Mobile and Desktop - another new adult dating offer that will make you money.

Pro-Tip: Test only 1 GEO in a campaign. Our recommendation is to start with US and UK Geo with a minimum daily budget of $30. About the device - first try mobile and when you have success with it, scale on desktop.

Slimmestar - France - COD - this offer is the perfect choice to test a weight loss product, and it converts like crazy these days - do not miss your chance to make easy money with it. 

FatFix - DE, PL - COD - A fat burner product. It converts perfectly with our premium traffic and the good news is only brand bidding is forbidden, other strategies are allowed. 

Desigual - ES - CPS - sell Desigual’s summer collections and take your commission. Great opportunity for those of you who have fashion blogs or social media groups. 

Want to try more stuff? 

Solar panels, travel offers, furniture and accommodation are also great ideas. 

Because summer is always a busy time for media buyers, we will give you a few tips on how to spend your money most effectively:

  • Try to achieve a higher CTR than your competitors 
  • Run separate campaigns for mobile and desktop devices. Always. 
  • Adapt your creatives for the summer - show them ice-cold beers, beach, sands, sea, happiness
  • Set the right targeting
  • Don’t be afraid of high bids - you need data to optimise your campaigns and sometimes high bids will bring it faster.
  • Use our auto-rules for optimising your push ads campaigns in advance.

That was all for today.  The whole Pushground team wishes you happy summer and profitable campaigns. See you soon!

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